07 December, 2011

WIWW I Have A...

I have a fear.  I fear that I will soon be repeating outfits.  My simple mind can only handle so many creative tasks and I think I am almost to my max!!

I have a confession.  I confess that I may be the most stylish I have ever been in my life.  Keep in mind this isn't saying much.  I think all my stalking on fashion blogs and pinterest is paying off!  See Kev, my time isn't completely wasted! =)

I have a secret.  I secretly wish the style of Adam and Eve stuck so I would have more time to sleep in the morning.

I have an addition.  I am addicted to Target and all it's goodness.  Thank you Target for dressing me today!
Blouse: Love Culture
Sweater: Target
Belt: Target
Grey Tank: Target
Pants: H&M
Flats: Target

Thank you Pleated PoppyTransatlantic Blonde, and Rae Gun Ramblings for letting me link up and helping out my uncreative mind!

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