30 October, 2012

The problem with Blogging

Here is the thing.  I have a problem.  I am a terrible blogger.  And, even more I feel terrible when I don't blog.  Like I am neglecting a relationship.  I don't like this wishy washy stuff, I would consider myself an extremely dedicated person (thanks Mom and Dad for modeling that to us kids).  I said to Kev the other night that I need to either "go all in" or "drop it completely".  But, the wise man I am married to reminded me that blogging is a hobby and you work on your hobby when you have time or when you feel like it.  This isn't a career, it isn't a relationship, it is a hobby.  So there, I will blog when I feel like it.

And, today.  I feel like it.

So, what has been going on in the lives of the Ericksons since we returned home from our vacation last month?

1. Kev's motorcycle got stolen- lameo. (I should write this story out sometime, it has been an exciting ride involvig Kev helping bust a meth house and I am not even joking.)
2. Kev's parents and Abbey came to visit.
3. Kev ran in the Portland marathon.
4. May parents forced me to start working on the nursery(thanks for the needed push)
5. It started to rain again in Portland
6. I finally feel seattled in our new little Suburbia house
7. Kev started the nesting process
8. I am 35 weeks pregnant!!! (that's right, only 5 weeks until we meet our little baby!)

I look like I am going to burst, sleeping through the night is over (for the rest of my life, I fear), my stomach contorts into strange shapes as little babe wiggles around, my ribs constantly feel like someone punched me as hard as they could, I now officially have an outie belly button which I have named Piglet, and people seem to smirk every time they see me go to the bathroom (even non-pregnant people pee, I don't see what's so funny). But, our baby is coming.  She is healthy, and I feel so blessed that the Lord decided to entrust Kev and I with this precious gift.

This little baby looks like she is ready to burst out.  What do you think?  Does she have enough room to grow over the next 5 weeks?

Can you spot my Piglet?
 Until, I feel like it again!