21 September, 2012

The Circle of Life

Wednesday morning I headed down to the beach to watch the sunrise. I had been awake since 1am unable to sleep(stupid sunburn) and decided I wanted a change of scenery from the bathroom floor and our room's balcony. I laid on the lounge chair on the flour like sand and admired God's beautiful  work. I was bummed that in my sleepless diliria I didn't bring a camera with me.

My growling tummy and small pregnant bladder tore me away from the beach and I headed into the nearest bathroom where I was even more bummed I didn't have a camera. Inside this beach bathroom I found myself a little baby sea turtle! I squealed in delight when I saw the little bugger! He obviously had become lost and found himself on the slippery floor of the bathroom! I quickly scooped him up and ran him to the sand! I walked him down to the water's edge and gently placed him on the wet sand. If this scene was in a movie I would imagine there would be soft, heartwarming music playing as the mom-to-be returns this baby turtle to his home. I stood their and watched the little guy scramble to the water,"you are home little one, you are home" I thought. I took in the rising sun, breathed the satly air and probably could have even mustard up a tear as he neared the ocean water. He was so lucky I found him!

Then all of a sudden, the music stopped, a record scratch and a pelican swooped in and picked up my baby turtle!!!! I let out a scream and quickly, looked around for something to throw at this murderous bird! But, it was too late. The pelican was gone and took his breakfast with him. Poor little turtle had probably just made it into the beach bathroom to wait safely until nightfall to try and get back to the water. I hated that I interfered with Darwin's theory, but I guess this is the circle on life. R.I.P little turtle. R.I.P

20 September, 2012

Anniversary Trip

Hello from Cancun Mexico! Kev and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary in Cancun. An added bonus is we are also hanging out with brother Dan and new wife Sarah on their honeymoon! (we were actually invited to come on their honeymoon with them and we sure are glad we did!) When we showed up at our Resort on Monday morning, cousin Jakey and girlfriend, Laula, were also here to surprise the newlyweds!

Kev and I honeymoon at this exact resort three years ago and it feels so good to be back! We are flooded with fun memories and we are eager to make more! The weather has been great and I have been extra careful to lube up my buldging belly. Despite my efforts I am a little lobster and basically missed all of our snnuversary avoiding the sun. Silly pregnancy! Kev was very sweet and spent most of the day with me inside the air conditioned hotel.  Luckily, after almost two whole sleepless nights of fighting my itchy, hot skin I am able to brave an umbrella by the pool today!

Kev, Dan, and Sarah are all out zip lining right and Jakey and Laula are visitng Tulum. I helped myself to a massage and facial. Though, I would have loved to fly through the jungle treetops I think the spa was a pretty nice alternative!

So far our days have consisted of going to the beach, eating, go to the pool, eating,getting something yummy to drink, going to the beach, eating and sleeping. Quit the vacation if you ask me. We are getting all the lounging out of our systems and then we have lots of adventures and activities planned for our last few days!  I will post pictures when I get back.

Blogger, please make an app that is better for the iPad,  your current one is no bueno!

03 September, 2012

Before the Internet

One thing I really appreciate about my hubbalub he is LOVES to learn.  And learning we have been doing in the last few weeks.  We have been busy learning all sorts of new hobbies.

We learned how to Make Pulled Pork Sandwiches:
Kev and I have had a traeger bbq for about three year but we just got a house where we could use it! Kev got on the internet and learned how to make pulled pork.  Did you know it take 12 hours to smoke?!!
Kev getting the pork roast ready.  If we were able to see the clock in the back ground you would see it was 11:00pm
Kev got up several times in the middle of the night to do whatever he learned on the internet he needed to do.
There she is....several hours into her smoking process!

 Everything came off the BBQ just in time for Rachy, Brant and little Zoe to have lunch with us!
And seriously, such good pulled pork sandwiches!
and then a nap was required and well deserved!
We learned how to play the Harmonica:
Next, Kevin learned off the internet how to play Taps on his harmonica.  Yes, he had a harminica that he likes to take backpacking and snowboarding.  I know, he is so cute!

He also learned proper hand holding techniques.  He ended each of our camping nights by playing his newly learned tune by the campfire!

isn't he hot?1
We learned how much flags cost:
I love estate sales and a few weeks ago there was one down the street from our new house.  We went in and saw an american flag for $5.  WE jumped on Amazon and saw that $5 was a steal of a deal with the pole. So, we bought it! 
We are so patriotic.  Remember our awesome pumpkin from Halloween?
We learned how to fly fish:
I am seriously so mad I didn't capture any pictures of this.  Kev and I in the backyard learning fly fishing techniques from YouTube.  I also watched the neighbor girl get picked up for a date.  She was back promptly by 11:00pm (yes, I am that nosy neighbor)

How did we survive before the internet?