31 December, 2011


It is almost the New Year!  Every year I make a New Years Resolution and ever year I have great intentions keep them... I try. Last year I made two New Years Resolutions and I actually followed through on one!

1. To read through the entire bible in a year.
2. Go to the gym three times a week.
Maybe, I will try the gym thing again next year...

This year I going to get serious about my resolutions.  I mean it, I am going to follow through on my resolutions, this year will be different, right? First things first, I know I need a little accountability,  so I convinced my girls at work, Mak and Heidi, to not only keep me accountable but to join in on my quest!  Heidi, being the creative genius she is made us a resolution form, that we must fill out and display as a reminder!  I got her permission to share her awesome form!  Click Here to download one for yourself! I am still contemplating what my resolutions will be this year and Kev gets to chose one for my list as well, me having veto power, of course! I'll let you know what I come up with.
Resolutions, accountability, and my word, I mean business this year!  What are your New Years Resolutions?

PS- Since Kev and I have been married we have spent every New Years with Robbie and Pip, this year is no exception.  We are Bend bound and expecting great Adventures!

New Years 2009.  Spelunking in Bend.  Yes, my eyes are closed and I am next to Robbie and Pip is next to Kev, strange.

2010 New Years, in a smokey cabin in the snowy woods.

29 December, 2011

Christmas came and went.  Oh Christmas how I miss you already.  12 months until we get our next tree, 12 months until the houses are lite up, 12 months until wrapped presents, 12 months until Christmas eve service, 12 months until the family is all together again, 12 months until I get to taste mom's potato casserole, and 11, no 10 months until I get to turn on your tunes.  How does it sneak up so quickly each year and then vanish in an instant?  Until next year Christmas.
                                          Christmas Tree Hunt!
                     Two crazy kids and their crazy Christmas morning!
                       Stockings, games, and dinner with the family.
                       Christmas Eve service at the Shnitzer Concert Hall.

"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger."

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PS- I am trying to learn how to use Picasa, hence why my pictures are all jacked!

Food For Thursday- Home Style

Last Thursday I told you about mine and Kev-o's pursuit to explore the city of Portland's eats.  On this quest we headed to Byway's Cafe.  We had seen this restaurant several times as it is located next to one of our favorite burrito joints.  On this trip we traded a burrito for a fork and knife.  When we walked into the little cafe I thought we had walked through a time machine and straight into the 1950's (or at least what I think the 50's would look like.)  Vintage signs, an old milkshake machine, knickknacks and plates adorned the walls.  Plates of Yellow Stone Park, Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore were proudly displayed among other US of A's finest. I immediately liked it.

The place was small with a few booths and a small counter bar. We were seated right before a swarm of hungry people came in the door.  The menu boasted of a traditional American breakfast, who could complain about that?  Pancakes, french toast, omelets, and hash. I ordered the hash and pancakes for my guy.  Our order came out quickly and pipping hot and the food tasted like a group of moms were in the back cooking for the kids.  It hit the spot on this rainy Portland Morning.
(Please excuse my dirtiness- who let me walk out of the house like that?!)

Foodie Scale - on a scale of 1(worst) to 5(best)

Cleanliness: 4 Nothing bothered me.
Taste: 4 tasted like mom cooked it up!
Service: 3 server was efficient and quick.
Presentation: 3 Nothing fancy, placed on a plate like you would a home.  Very fitting.
Atmosphere: (+) Cute, old fashioned and homey.
Overall rating: 14 with a (+) for atmosphere!  Byways Cafe, we will be back.

28 December, 2011

WIWW- Hump Day

Hello Wednesday!  When I first heard someone call Wednesday, hump-day, I felt embarrassed.  Probably a little less embarrassed than my mom felt when my brother came home from the first grade and asked what "humping" meant, oh the delight of parenthood.  Anyways, major tangent, but a funny one.

Wednesdays are good and they are good because of WIWW.  I like looking at everyone's wardrobes to help give me ideas for the rest of my week and it makes posting eazy-peezy. I have been inspired lately to dig into my closet!  Some of the articles of clothing I am wearing below I bought in High School! I may not look like it, but I have been out of High School for a while!  Pretty good it made the clothing cut while moving into a tiny dorm!  Can you tell which item it is?
Blazer- Old Navy
Orange Tank- Target
Necklace- Target
Capris- H&M
Shoes- Thrifted Michael Kors (I wish you could see them better, I love them!!)

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PS- I really wish I would have noticed my messy background before I chose this spot to strike a pose!

27 December, 2011

The Sniffles

Today I am that person.  I came into work sick.  My trash is quickly filling with tissue. I am sniffling and coughing in a quite office, nails on a chalk board. I have only consumed tea and cough drops thus far.  Dear Co-Workers, please forgive me.
Do you like the new travel mug my dad gave me for Christmas?

26 December, 2011

Lost The Battle

3000mg of Vitamin C three times a day didn't do it.  A cold has taken over, my body lost the fight.  Thank goodness we made it through Christmas!  Until next year Christmas, it was fun! Off to fight!

23 December, 2011

It is Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Our Christmas officially started last night.  After work Kev and I headed over to my brother and Sarah's house to start off the festivities!!  The whole family was there plus our additions! We feasted on an amazing dinner of Ham, rosemary cheese potatoes (which were to die for), salad, pomegranate green beans, stewed apples and rolls!  Oh my, I am salivating writing about this! It was good!  We all wanted to dive into the presents under the tree and all pitched in to cleaning up, many hands make light work, as I like to say.

We took our places, divvied up the gifts and sat to listen to my Dad, Dan and Kev read the Christmas story, all the men such good readers, so proud! I have heard and read the story of Christ's birth hundreds of times, I love it more and more each year.  We prayed as a family and thanked our Lord for the ways he blesses us.

We had so much fun giving and receiving.  Funny how as an adult you get excited about a lemon press and turkey roaster.  Our poor addditions sat and stared at Mom, Dad, Dan, Linds and I cracked up talking about previous Christmases.  Don't worry additions, we will make new memories will all of you!  It was a fun night, and it has only begun!
Check out some of my festive pictures from the week!
I was showing Kev my favorite ornament.  Yup, that happened.
I made this!! Isn't a cute?  I will do a tutorial soon!
Mom got these for her grandkid's.  Thanks mom, our future kin will love this!
These two stole Kev's Christmas gift off the front porch, it just know it!  Thanks Amazon for replacing the gift and saving the day!
Lights and fog scream Christmas!
The annual Harry and David's, thanks boss!
Baby bug's first Christmas gift!!

Grotto and dinner with the relatives tonight!  More festivities to come!

22 December, 2011

Food for Thursday and Saturday

I love to eat.  Anyone who knows me, knows I like to eat.  I will try just about anything, I have even made a buck or two eating something no one else would try. Fortunately, I live in a city where there is a ton of good food.  Restaurants and food carts galore! Kev and I want to try it all, well at least I do and he happily comes along. Once a month (I tried to push for more, it was a no go) Kev and I head out on a Saturday morning to Portland's latest and greatest restaurants.

A couple of Saturdays ago we laid in bed and looked through the Portland Monthly(an incredible magazine for restaurant suggestions).  Kev was giving me the thumbs up or thumbs down when we finally spotted Broder.  Broder is a Swedish restaurant in SE Portland.  It was easy to convince Kev on this restaurant as the sweeds run through his veins!  I threw on my work out clothes and we hit the road (I wear work out clothes instead of sweats when I don't want to dress for the day, I look sporty instead of sloppy.  Deceiving? Yes.)

This is how Broder fared my Foodie Scale.

We arrived at the restaurant and it was jam packed, a hint that this place would be nothing less than awesome!  We waited patiently in a tavern next door, which happened to be super neat in its self.  The tavern made me feel like I had stepped into a hunting lodge in Alaska, cool right?
About an hour later we were seated.  The restaurant was tiny, only about 10 tables inside with bar seating.  Every seat in the house had a great view to an open kitchen.  We were able to watch the chefs work their magic!
Having the open kitchen sucked me right in, everything I saw, I wanted to order.
I know, right? Mmmmm, yummy!! Those are the only words I can say, it was that good.

Cleanliness: 4- Looked clean to me!
Taste: 5- so good, I loved everything I tried!
Service: 4- It was crazy busy, and our waiter did great handling the rush.
Presentation: 3-  the food came in cute cast iron pans and wood planks
Atmosphere: (+)-  Cute and quaint.  Reminded me of an European restaurant.  I guess fitting since it was a Swedish!
TOP SCORE: 16+ out of 20 

We are totally going back, and we are bring people, and making reservations, and eating the Swedish pancakes.  Oh the goodness!

20 December, 2011

WIWW- Christmas Tea

Every year my discipleship leader hosts a Christmas Tea.  Last year I was unable to attend.  Boy, was I in for a treat.

An old barn, candle light, decorated tree, toasty fire place, hot tea, clinking cups, woman chatter, delicious treats, Christmas serenade, laughter, new babies, new friends, strings of lights, prayer, and the worship our Lord.  A perfect Christmas tea.  Thanks, Jan for reminding us of what Christmas is all about!
Shawl- Love Culture
Dress- Victoria Secret
Necklace- H&M
Belt and Socks- target
Boots- DSW

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19 December, 2011

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Portland is known for its "green" initiatives.  July of this year our city passed a law banning all plastic bags.  You will only find paper bags in our city's stores (though I was at the dollar tree the other day and they gave me plastic, oh what?).  My verdict is still out on whether I agree or not I agree with this law.  I mean, what about all the trees?  So anyways, I try to be a good citizen and carry my reusable bags with me everywhere I go...I try.  But somehow, I have acquired a TON of paper bags, they are taking over one of my cabinets.  So, I have decided to take the advise my grandmother who brainwashed me as a small child.  Recycle, reduce, reuse.  I am reusing my paper bags in the form of wrapping paper!  I am not only saving the planet, I am saving my wallet.

Here is my earth friendly, money saving, gift wrapping method
1. I cut down one side of the bag, cut out the bottom and voila, wrapping paper!  Luckily, I only had about two large gifts that required more than one shopping bag.
2. You will need some pretties, twine, ribbon, etc. I went to Michael's craft store and bought ribbon for 60% off.  Another wallet saver, booya!

Wrapping paper and ribbon in hand, the hard part begins. Wrapping the gifts. it is especially difficult when you don't have an extra finger to hold down the ribbon.  My good friend, Heidi, taught me a valuable wrapping trick for those you don't have a third hand.

Ribbon Trick
1. Cut a piece of ribbon about 5x the length of your package. Place the middle of the ribbon across the front side of the package.
2.Pull the sides of the ribbon around the backside of the package and twist the ribbon and pull towards the adjacent side of the package.
3.Pull the slack of the ribbon towards the front side of the package.  And put one end of the ribbon underneath the front ribbon.
4.Pull the other end of the ribbon underneath the front ribbon so both ends are tucked under the front ribbon.
5. Pull ends tight and make a knot!
6. Make your pretty bow!
Eazy-peezy, right?  Wrapping for one!

I think wrapping presents is like child birth.  It is extremely painful and laborious but after it is over you're proud of what you have done! So they say.

Christmas Is On Its Way!

Kev and I frequently pass emails back and forth while we are at work. His email to me this morning was:

"Christmas is in 6 days!"

Can you believe it?  Only 6 days away! And boy am I ready, this weekend was full of Christmas cheer. 

On Friday I had one of the craziest days at work, one of those days where I didn't have time to eat and a bathroom break was an inconvenience.  When I finally turned off my computer I saw I had a text from Kev that said, "Can I take you to see the Christmas Ships parade tonight?  I've got a spot picked out near Sellwood bridge if you'd like to come."  

Music to my ears!  Nothing sounded more fun!  I got home, layered up and headed to Sellwood to watch the decorated Christmas ships swim in the Willamette.  We stopped at Starbucks for some festive drinks, eggnog chai and peppermint cocoa, before we braved the  

We arrived to Sellwood and Kev had the most perfect spot picked out, a dock, can't get a better view than that!! We were the first ones there and sipped our drinks and swayed with the river current.  Our romantic scene was soon interrupted by excited kiddos and stressed out parents!  We sipped, sat, and ohh-ed at the festive ships.

(It was super foggy and slightly eerie on the dock) 
(This picture makes the parade look so lame-o)
After the ships had passed our destination, Kev had one more festivity planned,Peacock Lane! 

Peacock Lane may be one of the most magical places in all of the Northwest during Christmas time (don't go during the summer, it is a dream killer). The whole block is decked out with Christmas lights and and the streets are packed with people. We strolled up and down the streets, hand in hand. We enjoyed the bagpipers blowing Christmas Carols, the bright festive lights, the excited kids pulling their parents from house to house.  

Christmas is on its way!

18 December, 2011

Hubs is Away

Kev is out climbing Saint Helens today.  What to do while the hubs is away? I may not leave my bed all day!