31 December, 2011


It is almost the New Year!  Every year I make a New Years Resolution and ever year I have great intentions keep them... I try. Last year I made two New Years Resolutions and I actually followed through on one!

1. To read through the entire bible in a year.
2. Go to the gym three times a week.
Maybe, I will try the gym thing again next year...

This year I going to get serious about my resolutions.  I mean it, I am going to follow through on my resolutions, this year will be different, right? First things first, I know I need a little accountability,  so I convinced my girls at work, Mak and Heidi, to not only keep me accountable but to join in on my quest!  Heidi, being the creative genius she is made us a resolution form, that we must fill out and display as a reminder!  I got her permission to share her awesome form!  Click Here to download one for yourself! I am still contemplating what my resolutions will be this year and Kev gets to chose one for my list as well, me having veto power, of course! I'll let you know what I come up with.
Resolutions, accountability, and my word, I mean business this year!  What are your New Years Resolutions?

PS- Since Kev and I have been married we have spent every New Years with Robbie and Pip, this year is no exception.  We are Bend bound and expecting great Adventures!

New Years 2009.  Spelunking in Bend.  Yes, my eyes are closed and I am next to Robbie and Pip is next to Kev, strange.

2010 New Years, in a smokey cabin in the snowy woods.

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