19 December, 2011

Christmas Is On Its Way!

Kev and I frequently pass emails back and forth while we are at work. His email to me this morning was:

"Christmas is in 6 days!"

Can you believe it?  Only 6 days away! And boy am I ready, this weekend was full of Christmas cheer. 

On Friday I had one of the craziest days at work, one of those days where I didn't have time to eat and a bathroom break was an inconvenience.  When I finally turned off my computer I saw I had a text from Kev that said, "Can I take you to see the Christmas Ships parade tonight?  I've got a spot picked out near Sellwood bridge if you'd like to come."  

Music to my ears!  Nothing sounded more fun!  I got home, layered up and headed to Sellwood to watch the decorated Christmas ships swim in the Willamette.  We stopped at Starbucks for some festive drinks, eggnog chai and peppermint cocoa, before we braved the  

We arrived to Sellwood and Kev had the most perfect spot picked out, a dock, can't get a better view than that!! We were the first ones there and sipped our drinks and swayed with the river current.  Our romantic scene was soon interrupted by excited kiddos and stressed out parents!  We sipped, sat, and ohh-ed at the festive ships.

(It was super foggy and slightly eerie on the dock) 
(This picture makes the parade look so lame-o)
After the ships had passed our destination, Kev had one more festivity planned,Peacock Lane! 

Peacock Lane may be one of the most magical places in all of the Northwest during Christmas time (don't go during the summer, it is a dream killer). The whole block is decked out with Christmas lights and and the streets are packed with people. We strolled up and down the streets, hand in hand. We enjoyed the bagpipers blowing Christmas Carols, the bright festive lights, the excited kids pulling their parents from house to house.  

Christmas is on its way!

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