25 July, 2014


I lay here at 8:20pm trying to figure out why this is so hard for me. I've got our beautiful two week old resting on my chest (sweet Juliet). I can smell her sweet breastmilk breath and hear her soft baby pants as she's sleeping. I can hear Evangeline's (now 20 months) sound machine on and can see her curled up in her crib fast asleep on our video monitor. 


I'm having trouble laying here being the comfort to this new human. Anytime I move this sweet little Juliet off my chest she wakes up and needs to be loved back to sleep.

I've got laundry to fold, a bathroom to clean, my bible readying to catch up on, I could probably make a mile long list. But, I'm trying my best to laying here and soak it all in. Trying to enjoy this moment, this phase where this baby needs me and is comforted just by my smell and my warmth. I know the years ahead it won't be so easy to comfort these sweet little woman. Trying to enjoy the sight of Evangeline snoozing away after a fun day of play. 

Goodness. Why in the world would I want to fold laundry and clean a bathroom?! Oh my sweet little woman, how you tug on my heart. This is beautiful and wonderful and not hard at all.