29 February, 2012

Food For Thursday- Our Wedding Cake

Since getting the stomach flu on Monday night, I have not wanted to think, smell or eat any food.  Ugh, even as I write this my stomach is turning thinking about eating anything more than saltines and frozen fruit.

So, obviously my Food for Thursday posting has not been easy.  I was so thankful to come across The Magnolia Pair's link up party on Wedding cakes!  Cake is food!  And, I write about food on Thursdays!

I don't particularly like desserts, I will almost always pass up dessert for a bowl of popcorn.  So, I was not that into picking out our wedding cake.  It was on the bottom of my wedding to do list.  I was working with our stationary designer, MaeMae Paperie, and my very good friend, she had sent me a several story boards to pick from to help her with the invitations design.  It was on one of these story boards I found that cake I could not live with out!!

See it?  Left hand side, second picture down?!!
Our wedding Venue was at East Lake Resort, up in the mountains of Oregon on a forest lake, yup those places do exist.  Was wanted a rustic and elegant wedding and I did not think any cake would be more perfect. I found a local gal in Bend, OR that said she could make my cake.  How do you think she did?

Didn't it look even better than the original picture?  I was so pleased!!
I didn't really care about the taste of the cake, only the look.  Good thing Kev did the tasting to make sure it would be as tasty as it was beautiful!
Kev wanted pumpkin spice cake and I wanted Red Velvet, so we had sheet cakes and the tiers made of both
We could not figure out how to cut the cake...
Our moms told us to play nice...

Some call it tacky, we call it having fun!
Oh, and did you check out our cake topper?
This fits our personality perfectly!
Always pinching my hot man to make sure he is real!

One day I will get around to posting more pictures of our wedding! The cake was only a small part of how amazing our wedding was! Happy Thursday!

WIWW- Airport Tips

Well, I am still laid up in bed today.  But, I am able to sit up with out having to rush to the bathroom.  So, I believe I am making huge strides today, people!

On this particular Wednesday I am wearing my favorite leggings from Costco, with a control top.  So sexy.  And a ripped up, stretched out, BIOLA Intramural Championship t-shirt.  In which, by the way, I scored the wining goal.  It doesn’t matter that I just so happened to be standing in front of the goal and the soccer ball just so happened to bounce off my stomach into the goal. It was the winning goal no matter how it happened!  Sweet victory.

Anyways, I am not going to post my real outfit today, but I will post a WIWW outfit that was meant for several weeks ago.  It is my airport outfit.  I am very strategic in what I wear when I am traveling, especially with all the rules and regulations from TSA.

Here are my Airport Attire thoughts:

Earrings- Tilly's
I am going to start with these first, because they are a poor choice.  I mean, look at all the metal. But, I just liked them so much with my outfit they were worth the hassle.

Cardigan- H&M
A warm sweater to throw on and off is a must.  You sweat up a storm while trying to make it to you flight and then freeze to death on the plane

T-shirt- Thrifter BCBG
Loose fitting and comfortable.  Especially if you are trying to get any sleep on a plane.  Which NEVER happens for me!

Purple Tank- Target
Extra layer and extra splash of color.  Just because I am traveling does not give me the OK to wear my pajamas in public. 

Jeans- Nordstrom Rack
Once again, I wear my most comfortable jeans.  Jeggings are incredible for travel also!

Cowboy boots- Zappos.com
You have to pick the right shoes when you travel. Nothing with ties, buckles or zippers.  Slip off and slip back on.  Since you have to basically undress for TSA nowadays you might as well make it easy on yourself.

Purse- TJ Max
A big purse is necessary on a flight. Think of all the things you can pack in there and still claim it as your personal item.  Books, snacks, magazines, ipad.  But, be careful, large bottles of lotion are often found in this black hole.  Which means bag search, a longer wait through security and a whole bottle of lotion in the trash!! Ugh!

So there you have it, my successful airport outfit.

A couple side notes: 
1. Did you notice how scary my face looked in this picture?! I had Kev take this picture over and over and over.  They all came out crazy.  Conclusion- I looked crazy that day.
hahahaha- see, crazy!!
2. Every time I went though security that weekend, TSA checked my poof like I was trying to pull an Amy Winehouse on them.

3. The cowboy boots I am wearing are the same ones I wore on mine and Kev’s first date and on our wedding day!
 Some pretty awesome boots, right?

We are halfway through the week.  I don’t know about you guys.  But, we have fun plans this weekend.  Kev’s birthday is Saturday and fun times will be had!
pleated poppy

28 February, 2012

Not a Healthy 2012

2012 has not been a healthy year for me. I have been sick three times in less than two months into the year. Geesh, my poor body!

Right after Christmas I got a nasty cold, then a month ago I got a nasty cold. But, last night I was reintroduced to my dinner, several times. Making those nasty colds not look so nasty.

I don't even remember the last time I had the stomach flu. It was probably when I was little yelling for my mom while running to the bathroom. She would sit there rubbing my back and holding my hair, which always made things better.

Now, that I am married I was more concerned that Kev-0:

A. Would sleep all the way through the night and wake up rested for work.

B. I didn't want him so see his bride clinging to our porcelain bowl.
(sorry I didn't have these same thoughts when I was a little girl, mom)

When Kev woke up and realized I had been sick all night and was still sick his thoughts were:

A. What can I do to make Tiff feel better?
B. I will do anything to make Tiff feel better.

With out asking anything of him, Kev was bring fresh glasses of water to the bathroom. Tickling my tummy, telling me stories and jokes. Reading to my out of my book. And bringing me heart shaped ice to suck on.

Thank you to my parents who taught me selflessness so I could recognize it in my husband.

24 February, 2012

Our Maui Trip in Pictures

Here it is, our trip! So, for those who don't know about 6 weeks ago I told Kev I was planning a secret trip for he and I.  6 loooooooooong weeks went by and our secret trip finally arrived.  The taunting would soon be over for poor Kev.  I woke him up at 4am on Friday February 17th, told him his bags were packed and I needed him to drive us to the airport.
Kev at the airport.  He still didn't know where we were going and he was getting a little impatient waiting for the surprise.
We took a flight from PDX to San Jose.  Kev was even more confused.  He had no idea why we would be flying to San Jose.  While we were in the San Jose airport he asked what we were to do next.  I told him we could grab some breakfast because...... OUR FLIGHT TO MAUI WOULD NOT LEAVE FOR 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!  After 6 weeks of waiting he was finally able to be excited about our trip!
Us waiting at the San Jose Airport, excitedly talking about all the things we wanted to do!

We decided to help pass the time by watching "50 First Dates" to put us in the Maui mood!

Finally on the plane... we survived the three hour layover, now we had to survive the 5 hour flight! We were aching for the beach!

Almost 12 hours of traveling and we made it to Maui!!!!

By 4pm, Maui time, we were on the beach!!
This is where we wanted to be!!

After we got our fill of the beach we headed to the pool! I know, hard life!
My hottie man!
On Friday, our first day we went to the beach and then the pool and then back to the beach, it was exhausting!!

I never slept so hard!!
The next couple of days were filled with swimming with turtles, kayaking with the whales, body surfing in the waves, reading in the pool! We need a waterproof camera so we can capture our water adventures!!

Snorkeling in Turtle bay!

Kev told me not to put on my flips until I was in the water, I didn't listen.  Have you ever tried to wear your flips on dry land.  Not easy!
After snorkeling we decided we needed some more pool time!

To take a break from the sun we grabbed some ice cream! I don't eat ice cream, I only order the waffle cones! So yummy!
Kev didn't tell me I had chocolate on my face!

                     On our last day in Maui we headed to Lahaina for a deep sea fishing trip! 

We spent a lot of time keeping Kev's skin safe!

On the fishing boat!

Hoping to bring in a 700lb Marlin!

Kev enjoying the view!
While Kev was enjoying the open sea, this is what I was doing....
I was trying to keep my food down....
and soon I was found doing this...
basically, I took a very expensive nap!
I had never been so excited to be on dry land!  I hope Kev still enjoyed himself!  We did get to see a lot of whales while out on this dreadful boat!

We had an amazing time!! We could not have asked for a better trip! We miss you Maui!

life rearranged

23 February, 2012

Food for Thursday- Our Maui Eats

Be prepared, this is a long post!  But, there are pictures!

OK, how many times have I written about how much I like to eat?  A lot, right?  But, I seriously love to eat.  I love to cook, try new foods, eat at restaurants, and gorge myself until I am going to pop.  I am working on the last one, I know I won't have my 26 year old metabolism forever!

Anyhoo, I still haven't given you a full rundown of mine and Kev's Maui adventure. So, I thought today I would give you a rundown of what we ate in Maui.  If no one else enjoys this post, I know my dad will.  He probably likes to eat more than I do!

This is in the San Jose Airport right after Kev found out were we were going! I was excited too, even though it doesn't look like it!
We ate breakfast burritos.... airport food. That is all I am saying.  Not the best meal of the trip!

Lunch was never eaten, time change and Alaska not serving meals on their flights messed us up.

Dinner the first night we ate at an amazing restaurant at our Hotel.  Nick's Fish Market.
It was amazing! So amazing in fact, I forgot to take pictures!  We ate freshly caught fish, fresh green salad, and Escargot!  I loved it, I am serious!   It was my favorite meal of the week! Plus, the sunset that night was gorgeous!

We bought breakfast food when we arrived and had breakfast on our balcony every morning!  How do you like that?!

For lunch I had an amazing grilled maui maui and Kev got a fish sandwich.  We both loved it!  Plus, great people watching.  Oh, and I had the best ice tea of my life there!! Incredible!!
Lunch was at the Pupu Lounge in Kihei.  I was reluctant to go there for two reasons: 
  1. We went into Kihei to eat at my all time favorite restaurant and it was shut down!! Gone, forever.  So I had no choice but to eat somewhere else.  
  2. The name of the restaurant is Pupu, not so appetizing.

See, my beloved Alexander's is gone! My heart was broken!

Snack time
You can't go to Hawaii without getting a Shave Ice.  Yes, it is called Shave Ice.  Kev refuses to call it by its proper name. I got coconut and pineapple.  Tropical flavors for a tropical vacation.
Kev didn't want to pay for water and sugar, so he got himself a cookies and cream shake.  I may have even heard him say this was the best shake he has ever had.  Do you think our surroundings may have influenced that?
If you know Kev, you know that this picture represents all things he loves.  Ice cream in hand, shirt off in public, cuisin in warm weather, his girl in the next seat! 

Dinner at Longhi's (this was Kev's favorite meal of the week) Poor Kev, I was so tired this night I felt drunk.  I think I was interesting company for dinner. Oh, and I tried to take pictures.  It was way too dark!

I don't know what happened to Sunday, but no pictures were taken.
Breakfast on the balcony
Lunch at hotel swim up bar
Dinner at 5 palms.We knew they had a delicious Sushi Happy hour and the restaurant sits on the ocean, bonus!

Breakfast on the balcony
Lunch at Subway on the way to Lahaina.  This lunch almost went into the ocean.  Tell you more tomorrow.

This was our last supper.  We were in Lahaina and had tons of restaurants with ocean views to choose from!  We both ordered maui maui pineapple tacos! Yumm-o!!
We chose the Mai Tai Lounge, interesting we chose this restaurant of all places because we don't drink and it was voted "Best Mai Tai in Maui."  But, look at the view!

Last by not least we stopped at a mini mart on the way to the airport! I must have my favorite Hawaii snack!  Spam Musubi!
See the delicious treats in the deli case?!

See me and all my dirtiness salivating before eating my snack?!
I am going to admit my little secret, I LOVE SPAM! I even make spam for dinner for Kev and I.  Does it make you feel any better that I buy the low sodium spam?  No, probably not.  But, I Love it anyways and by the way Kev gobbles it up, I think he loves it also! I apologize to our mothers.  We do eat healthy most of the time.

When I make Spam Musubi at home, I use the recipe I found on Hungry Foodies Pharmacy.  The only difference is I don't wrap it into a neat little package. 

1/2 cup reduced-sodium soy sauce
4 tablespoons sugar
2 1/2 tablespoons mirin
1 can Low Sodium Spam, sliced into 8 equal pieces
2 cups white rice, cooked

  1. To make the marinade, combine the sugar, mirin, and soy sauce in a small bowl.  Whisk to dissolve sugar completely.
  2. Lay the sliced spam pieces in a shallow baking dish and pour marinade over spam.  Marinade for about an hour.
  3. It is frying time.  Over a medium heat lay the spam pieces in a non-stick frying pan.  Fry each side about 3 minutes, or until the side has turned a darker share of brown.  The sugar burns easy, so be careful to to cook to long.
  4. When the spam is done frying, lay the cooked pieces on top of the cooked white rice and enjoy!
Dinner is served!!

We ate good in Maui!

22 February, 2012

WIWW- Maui Style

Hi all! We are home!  We arrived yesterday morning after spending the night on a redeye...can't say it was the best sleep I ever had.  We landed, ran home, changed and both headed off to work.  That was not an easy transition.  We had an incredible time and we decided we were going to live there.  But, then we quickly came to our senses when we realized our hotel was more nightly than our monthly rent at home... yeah.  We would have been homeless in no time!  So we reluctantly came home!

Over the next couple of days I will give you a full report of our trip. I didn't want to bombard you all at once.  I won't bore you of pictures sun bathing on white beaches, kayaking with the whales, snorkeling with turtles, eating fresh pineapple... ok, now I am just bragging.

I will start you off easy and post a WIW in Maui!  Even though we spend 90% of our time in our bathing suits, I tried to make myself presentable for dinners!

In the hallway to our room!  We raced down this long hallway every day!
Tank &Necklace- Nordstrom
Cardigan- TJ Max
Jeans- Tilly's
Sandles- Norstrom Rack

Packing our bag to head out to the beach!! Sun here we come!
Sunglasses- Capital
Earings- Nordstrom
Shirt- Abercrombie
Shorts- Billabong

On the docks of Lahaina
Sunglasses- H&M
T-Shirt- Nordstrom
Necklace-  Street vendor in London
Shorts- Target
Sandles- Famous Footwear
Lei- Maui!

Hat- ABC Store
Tank- RVCA
Shorts- Billabong
Sandles- Rainbows
Lei- Maui!

More pictures to come tomorrow and Friday!  We miss you sun!

pleated poppy