03 February, 2012

Well, I made it to Friday.  It was one of those weeks, it felt like it was NEVER going to end!! But, here we are! Below are all the things that helped me get through this dreadfully looooong week!!

Did you know that cast iron can burn?  Well it can, I found that out when I left my teapot on the stove while I drove all the way to work!! Yeah, that happened. Now it is in the recycle bin.

Happy 140,000 miles Paseo!  Kev and I still drive the car I bought in High School! My Sturdy steed!

Pip and I went to a Blazers game! 

Yes- our seats are that good.

It is decided, I like Chipotle better.
Can you imagine how annoying I am going to be when I have my own kids?  But, I mean look how cute my little Bug is!

Salt and Straw Ice Cream! So good!

And I am ending my week with a cold and sick day.  Nothing a cup of cocoa and PS I Love You can't cure.

Tonight we catch a plane to California.  I hate that we are the people getting the other people sick on the plane.  Oh well, I get to see my California girls tomorrow and I can't wait!!

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  1. Sorry you are sick! I hope you feel better & have a great time in California :)

  2. bummer for a burnt cast iron pot. i've been known to leave stoves on with boiling eggs in them...SCARY.

    happy friday.

  3. The picture of your Bug is priceless! What a cutie. Hope you feel better and have a fab weekend. :)

  4. Oh no! A new teapot on the birthday wish list?

    I'll sure miss you this weekend. Say hello to your Cali-ladies from me :)

  5. hurry up and get here!

    and it's funny you would say you didn't know cast iron could burn because i didn't know you could RECYCLE cast iron. you portlandians.

  6. I just stumbled across your blog! very cute!

  7. Poor teapot! No, I did not know that cast iron could burn! Heh,

  8. It is so fun going to basketball games! You look so pretty!


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