29 February, 2012

Food For Thursday- Our Wedding Cake

Since getting the stomach flu on Monday night, I have not wanted to think, smell or eat any food.  Ugh, even as I write this my stomach is turning thinking about eating anything more than saltines and frozen fruit.

So, obviously my Food for Thursday posting has not been easy.  I was so thankful to come across The Magnolia Pair's link up party on Wedding cakes!  Cake is food!  And, I write about food on Thursdays!

I don't particularly like desserts, I will almost always pass up dessert for a bowl of popcorn.  So, I was not that into picking out our wedding cake.  It was on the bottom of my wedding to do list.  I was working with our stationary designer, MaeMae Paperie, and my very good friend, she had sent me a several story boards to pick from to help her with the invitations design.  It was on one of these story boards I found that cake I could not live with out!!

See it?  Left hand side, second picture down?!!
Our wedding Venue was at East Lake Resort, up in the mountains of Oregon on a forest lake, yup those places do exist.  Was wanted a rustic and elegant wedding and I did not think any cake would be more perfect. I found a local gal in Bend, OR that said she could make my cake.  How do you think she did?

Didn't it look even better than the original picture?  I was so pleased!!
I didn't really care about the taste of the cake, only the look.  Good thing Kev did the tasting to make sure it would be as tasty as it was beautiful!
Kev wanted pumpkin spice cake and I wanted Red Velvet, so we had sheet cakes and the tiers made of both
We could not figure out how to cut the cake...
Our moms told us to play nice...

Some call it tacky, we call it having fun!
Oh, and did you check out our cake topper?
This fits our personality perfectly!
Always pinching my hot man to make sure he is real!

One day I will get around to posting more pictures of our wedding! The cake was only a small part of how amazing our wedding was! Happy Thursday!


  1. red velvet is soooo good! very pretty cake!

  2. Oh no you got sick! Hope today is better!

  3. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the pictures of your wedding. so beautiful! and you are a stunning bride!

  5. These photos are beyond adorable :) you are absolutely stunning, and it looks like you had so much fun! x

  6. You're cake was beautiful ! And you and your husband are such a cute couple! Thanks so much for linking up, you are gorgeous girl!

  7. Two thumbs up to the one who made that wonderful cake! That wood-like design jived well with the setting of the wedding. And of course, the comic couple sculpture gave for a few smiles and laughs. Best wishes to you, Tiffany and Kevin!

    Kindra Leomiti

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