24 February, 2012

Our Maui Trip in Pictures

Here it is, our trip! So, for those who don't know about 6 weeks ago I told Kev I was planning a secret trip for he and I.  6 loooooooooong weeks went by and our secret trip finally arrived.  The taunting would soon be over for poor Kev.  I woke him up at 4am on Friday February 17th, told him his bags were packed and I needed him to drive us to the airport.
Kev at the airport.  He still didn't know where we were going and he was getting a little impatient waiting for the surprise.
We took a flight from PDX to San Jose.  Kev was even more confused.  He had no idea why we would be flying to San Jose.  While we were in the San Jose airport he asked what we were to do next.  I told him we could grab some breakfast because...... OUR FLIGHT TO MAUI WOULD NOT LEAVE FOR 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!  After 6 weeks of waiting he was finally able to be excited about our trip!
Us waiting at the San Jose Airport, excitedly talking about all the things we wanted to do!

We decided to help pass the time by watching "50 First Dates" to put us in the Maui mood!

Finally on the plane... we survived the three hour layover, now we had to survive the 5 hour flight! We were aching for the beach!

Almost 12 hours of traveling and we made it to Maui!!!!

By 4pm, Maui time, we were on the beach!!
This is where we wanted to be!!

After we got our fill of the beach we headed to the pool! I know, hard life!
My hottie man!
On Friday, our first day we went to the beach and then the pool and then back to the beach, it was exhausting!!

I never slept so hard!!
The next couple of days were filled with swimming with turtles, kayaking with the whales, body surfing in the waves, reading in the pool! We need a waterproof camera so we can capture our water adventures!!

Snorkeling in Turtle bay!

Kev told me not to put on my flips until I was in the water, I didn't listen.  Have you ever tried to wear your flips on dry land.  Not easy!
After snorkeling we decided we needed some more pool time!

To take a break from the sun we grabbed some ice cream! I don't eat ice cream, I only order the waffle cones! So yummy!
Kev didn't tell me I had chocolate on my face!

                     On our last day in Maui we headed to Lahaina for a deep sea fishing trip! 

We spent a lot of time keeping Kev's skin safe!

On the fishing boat!

Hoping to bring in a 700lb Marlin!

Kev enjoying the view!
While Kev was enjoying the open sea, this is what I was doing....
I was trying to keep my food down....
and soon I was found doing this...
basically, I took a very expensive nap!
I had never been so excited to be on dry land!  I hope Kev still enjoyed himself!  We did get to see a lot of whales while out on this dreadful boat!

We had an amazing time!! We could not have asked for a better trip! We miss you Maui!

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  1. I am beyond jealous!! What an awesome surprise trip :) Well done!

  2. Um, that last picture is so beautiful it doesn't even look real! What a great trip! Sorry you got sea sick, weird since you're used to boats-or does it happen to you occasionally? Anyways, I'm SO impressed that you were able to get Kev on a flight without him even knowing where you were going! So awesome!!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous trip! I'm so jealous!! Glad you guys got to get away and spend some time together and on the beach! You are such a good wifey for planning a surprise trip!!

  4. FUNNN!!! Great pics! And you def deserve wife of the year for this surprise trip. Way to pull it off chicaroo!

  5. PDX?!? You needed some Maui to break up the dismal grey and rainy months! Looks like a great time! (no ice cream?!?!? really?!)

  6. What an amazing surprise. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  7. Beautiful pics and what a wonderful surprise! We spent a week in Maui on our honeymoon - not far from Lahaina - and loved every second!

  8. Great pics...looks like you guys had an amazing time.

  9. Love your pics! I'm totally jealous as I need a vacay soon.

  10. looks like fun! 50 first dates is a great way to 'get in the maui zone'! way to go on keepin the secret :)

  11. oh wow! love all your pics!! And what a bummer you got sea sick... I went deep sea fishing once and was so grateful I didn't get sick. A bunch on the boat did! :(

  12. I love your blog!!! Thanks for the kind words and if you have any questions on being a mama, let me know :) I can promise you I have nothing truly figured out yet other than without God it seriously is impossible... This is so funny- your trip to Maui looks identical to our trip! Some snorkeling spot, same hotel...too funny!
    xoxo, Anna N


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