13 March, 2014

A Year Later

I just realized I never posted this from this SUMMER.  Summer of 2013!!  Still fun to look at!

Remember forever ago I told you I was going camping and it would be worth blogging about?  Well I did go camping and it totally is worth blogging about but I didn't get a chance to blog about it until right now.  Only about two months late. Oops!

Last year Kev and I decided to host a camping trip at my parents resort in Oregon.  It was such a huge success we decided to do it again this year.  Boy were we in for a treat.  8 adults 5 kids, two of those kids being babies...it was interesting and fun in a terrible kind of way.

The Wagners brought a kid tent.  It was a hit and a genius idea to contain the munchkins.

2013- look how cute we are with our cute hair and cute clothes and cute bellies.
2013- look how cute our babies are.
Crazy what a difference a year makes! Can't wait to see our 2014 picture.