25 November, 2012

Christmas has Begun in the Erickson Home!

This holiday weekend has truly been wonderful! I think it is our calm before the storm.  I will give you a play by play of everything we did when the weekend has come to an end, but for now I will share last night with you.

We stopped into Home Depot to look at diaper pails (I know, so romantic). We left with a diaper pail and a Christmas tree!!!  I guess I was in kind of a bah-hum-bug mood when I told Kev, "I don't want to get a tree this year."  "we won't be home for Christmas anyways." "They are so messy"  "If you really want one, lets get a small one."  Well, that all went out the window when Kev decided to walk me through the garden section of Home Depot... as soon as I smelt that pine, I HAD TO HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!

I think I smelt every tree in the whole garden area until I found the tree that I smelt the best!! The Grand Fir, hmmmmm!  It was delicious.  Though we felt a little un-festive buying our tree at Home depot, I couldn't leave there with out a tree on our car and bring that fragrance home. 

We, of course, drove our tiny 1993 Toyota Paseo, but that wasn't going to stop me either.  Call it a pregnancy craving, but I needed a Christmas tree.  My hero, Kevo, hoisted that 6 foot tree on our 4 foot mini car and tied it down tight.  She was coming home with us!

As Kev got the tree ready in the stand outside I put on the hot water for apple cider, blasted Christmas music and pulled out every Christmas decoration we have (one day I hope to have a whole shed full of Christmas decor, next to my mini barn full of my mini animals, I will have to tell you about this fantasy of mine at another time). By 8pm our house was full of Christmas cheer! 

One game a backgammon, hot drinks, stockings hung, tree decorated, candles lite, fire blazing and Kev finished the night by reading aloud from Charles Dickson's A Christmas Carol.  The calm before the storm.  It was magical.

24 November, 2012

Family Blog

Dan and Sarah started a blog when little Christian was born.  It has been a great way for family and friends to keep up on their happenings and enjoy cute photos of little Christian.  They throw a picture up here and there, write a little snippet about what has been going on in their lives and I know family and friends really enjoy it.

Some call it copying, some call it a source of flattery but Kev and I decided to do the same thing.  Do you see the button to the right?  Click on it.  That button will take you to our family blog.  On this blog you will get "a shortlist" of all the things happening in the Erickson household!  Oh, and on the day Evangeline decides to join us, Kev is going to do his best to keep everyone updated on her progress on "The Short List"

This is not the end of "In My Hindsight" I will still be babbling on this blog, or maybe writing nothing at all.  You just have another source to check out our family on, luck you! We hope you join us and enjoy this life we have been given as much as we do!

The Short List

22 November, 2012

I Think We are Ready

The last several weeks, no months, have been a whirl wind! Between getting pregnant and moving it seems like Kev and I have barely had a moment to just sit and ask each other, "What do you want to do tonight?"

With every free moment Kev and I have we have been settling into our new Vancouver house, getting used to living in a house, putting together the nursery, finishing projects around the house, getting ready for the holidays, working on the nursery, washing baby clothes, tying up loose ends, picking up those "must have" baby items and finishing the nursery. I always heard that  babies need a ton of stuff, but I really had no idea. 

I finally picked a crib after much pressure from my parents.

Intently reading the manual

Testing out the co-sleeper

I will do a whole post on the nursery soon!

Today, I am sitting at our kitchen table waiting for a pot of water to boil.  I am not talking figuratively, I am actually waiting for the water to boil for our Thanksgiving's mashed potatoes.  I am able to sit here and blog because I don't think there is anything left to do... I think we are ready.

Our bags are packed, freezer meals in the freezer, nursery complete, last load of sweet little baby clothes folded, car seat in the car, and ever baby gidget and gatget has been played with and mastered.  We are ready. Come and meet us sweet little Evangeline.