24 November, 2012

Family Blog

Dan and Sarah started a blog when little Christian was born.  It has been a great way for family and friends to keep up on their happenings and enjoy cute photos of little Christian.  They throw a picture up here and there, write a little snippet about what has been going on in their lives and I know family and friends really enjoy it.

Some call it copying, some call it a source of flattery but Kev and I decided to do the same thing.  Do you see the button to the right?  Click on it.  That button will take you to our family blog.  On this blog you will get "a shortlist" of all the things happening in the Erickson household!  Oh, and on the day Evangeline decides to join us, Kev is going to do his best to keep everyone updated on her progress on "The Short List"

This is not the end of "In My Hindsight" I will still be babbling on this blog, or maybe writing nothing at all.  You just have another source to check out our family on, luck you! We hope you join us and enjoy this life we have been given as much as we do!

The Short List

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