22 November, 2012

I Think We are Ready

The last several weeks, no months, have been a whirl wind! Between getting pregnant and moving it seems like Kev and I have barely had a moment to just sit and ask each other, "What do you want to do tonight?"

With every free moment Kev and I have we have been settling into our new Vancouver house, getting used to living in a house, putting together the nursery, finishing projects around the house, getting ready for the holidays, working on the nursery, washing baby clothes, tying up loose ends, picking up those "must have" baby items and finishing the nursery. I always heard that  babies need a ton of stuff, but I really had no idea. 

I finally picked a crib after much pressure from my parents.

Intently reading the manual

Testing out the co-sleeper

I will do a whole post on the nursery soon!

Today, I am sitting at our kitchen table waiting for a pot of water to boil.  I am not talking figuratively, I am actually waiting for the water to boil for our Thanksgiving's mashed potatoes.  I am able to sit here and blog because I don't think there is anything left to do... I think we are ready.

Our bags are packed, freezer meals in the freezer, nursery complete, last load of sweet little baby clothes folded, car seat in the car, and ever baby gidget and gatget has been played with and mastered.  We are ready. Come and meet us sweet little Evangeline.

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  1. Adorable! Good job on getting so much accomplished!!


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