25 November, 2012

Christmas has Begun in the Erickson Home!

This holiday weekend has truly been wonderful! I think it is our calm before the storm.  I will give you a play by play of everything we did when the weekend has come to an end, but for now I will share last night with you.

We stopped into Home Depot to look at diaper pails (I know, so romantic). We left with a diaper pail and a Christmas tree!!!  I guess I was in kind of a bah-hum-bug mood when I told Kev, "I don't want to get a tree this year."  "we won't be home for Christmas anyways." "They are so messy"  "If you really want one, lets get a small one."  Well, that all went out the window when Kev decided to walk me through the garden section of Home Depot... as soon as I smelt that pine, I HAD TO HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!

I think I smelt every tree in the whole garden area until I found the tree that I smelt the best!! The Grand Fir, hmmmmm!  It was delicious.  Though we felt a little un-festive buying our tree at Home depot, I couldn't leave there with out a tree on our car and bring that fragrance home. 

We, of course, drove our tiny 1993 Toyota Paseo, but that wasn't going to stop me either.  Call it a pregnancy craving, but I needed a Christmas tree.  My hero, Kevo, hoisted that 6 foot tree on our 4 foot mini car and tied it down tight.  She was coming home with us!

As Kev got the tree ready in the stand outside I put on the hot water for apple cider, blasted Christmas music and pulled out every Christmas decoration we have (one day I hope to have a whole shed full of Christmas decor, next to my mini barn full of my mini animals, I will have to tell you about this fantasy of mine at another time). By 8pm our house was full of Christmas cheer! 

One game a backgammon, hot drinks, stockings hung, tree decorated, candles lite, fire blazing and Kev finished the night by reading aloud from Charles Dickson's A Christmas Carol.  The calm before the storm.  It was magical.

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  1. That does sounds magical!! I'm still waiting for Christmas to come to our house-last weekend was buckle-down and study time so I'm crossing my fingers that this weekend tree shopping will begin. :)


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