02 December, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

This was meant to be posted pre-baby, but labor kind of got in the way of me being able to push "post". 

One week ago today Kev and I started our Thanksgiving weekend and it was glorious! I don't know if I can even remember everything we did, but it didn't matter because we didn't HAVE to do anything! From what I hear it may be a LOOOOOOONG time until we feel like this again once kiddos enter our house.  Here is an over view of what we did!

Wednesday- got home early afternoon.  Hung out and put together my home office for work so I can be at home with Evie! Such a blessing!  We saw Dr. Grant, who we LOVE.  And, she checked me to find out I am dilating, effacing and baby is moving down. Oh, and I burst into joyful tears when she said she could actually feel Evangeline's head!  She is getting close to entering this world!! Oh, and we ate at Boke Bowl, so yummy!!

Thursday- Slept in, made mashed potatoes, headed to Grammies, tried to eat lots of Thanksgiving food(I failed, no room) and played with family the rest of the night!

Friday- Slept in, took our recovered and battered motorcycle into the shop(he was kidnapped and recovered, we missed him and are glad to have him back),laid around, watched a Band of Brothers, and went to bed early.  Oh, and Kev was a PRO at backing up the motorcycle trailer, he should really give lessons.  Up hill and backwards, very impressive if I do say so myself.

Saturday- Slept in,watched Home Alone, went bowling, got our Christmas tree, and had a real fire in our fire place.

Sunday- Kev has soccer practice, I made two freezer meals, we skyped with our beloved Scheeles for like two hours. Went to a class at church, went to church and finsihed the weekend with Little Big Burger.

I know, life was rough for us this weekend. But, what  A HUGE blessing and WONDERFUL memories with my all time favorite person before life changes forever.  Thank you for this gift, Lord!

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  1. You got the motorcycle back!!!! What a fun weekend!


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