05 December, 2012

We Are Surviving

We arrived to the house Sunday, late morning, where my parents were waiting to greet us.  My mom knows me well, or maybe it is just that I am my mother's daughter.  She had candles lite, Christmas music playing, the tree lights on and a little pink stocking hung above the fire place.  I haven't cried since little Evangeline entered the world but the sight of our cozy home coming brought tears to my eyes.

We have not been home for 4 days and so far we are doing great!  We are so thankful for my parents being here to help us figure out what the heck we are doing!! We have been well fed, there are many hands to hold and help, to diaper change and give lots of love. We all constantly bounce or sway (even when we are not holding her).
Days are going well, little Evangeline sleeps a ton and looks cute constantly.  Even when she cries she manages to look adorable (is it weird that I like the smell of her sweet baby breath?). Kev and I are still trying to figure out nights. We keep reassuring Evangeline that we will figure it out one of these days. We basically take turns holding her so the other can sleep.  My mom takes her each morning and loves on her so Kev and I could get a couple more hours of sleep until my boobs are needed.

We really love being parents so far and decided we would keep her.  Evangeline is pretty rad.

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