14 December, 2012

All Alone

After two weeks of constant help Evangeline and I are flying solo today! My parents were here for a week, Pippa was here for 4 days, Kathy(Kev's mom) was here 4 days and Kev-o was home for two weeks and went back to work today.  

Now, we are alone...

Somehow without our village we survived the day. I managed to not only feed Evangeline but also feed myself.  She was also kind enough to let me take a quick shower and even throw on a little make up.  We even had our first outing to go visit Dr. Grant.  I also discovered the Moby to be incredibly helpful.  Not too bad for our first day!

Now, we are anxiously awaiting Kev's home coming.  We missed him terribly all day.  

I mean look at this sad face. I am so glad it is Friday so we get Kev home for two more days! We like it best when the three of us are all together, it is best that way!


  1. You two are so beautiful it's incredible!!!

  2. Oh-you are a mommy pro already!!

  3. This may sound like an odd comment, as it's coming out of nowhere.

    But I'm a budding novelist, and I have a character who is going through pregnancy right now. She's 16 weeks along, and I'm a mama myself to two boys (your post about wanting boys and crying cracked me up, because I wanted girls, and cried when I found out were were having boys! It happens! *hugs*). So, as my character progresses, I've scoured the internet for pictures of mamas-to-be at the appropriate stages, and I came across your blog. What a lovely thing you have here!

    I know this probably comes across as borderline creepy that you don't know me and here I am, browsing your blog, but I wanted to offer you congratulations on the birth of Evangeline! She's a gorgeous girl, and you and your husband are very blessed! This blog is a precious record. So much will get lost in the way of sleepless nights, busy mornings, and taking care of all of the little day to day things, like cleaning the toilet and stocking up on Cheerios. One day, you'll look back and be thankful you posted pictures and wrote entries, because as much as you *think* you'll remember, you won't. Your memories will stem from these moments you've recorded.

    So keep it up. :-) Congratulations to you again, and if I may offer you a few words of advice - sleep, sleep, sleep, and don't feel guilty for sleeping. ;-) Blessings to you and your family! ~Jori Dodge


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