09 December, 2012

Helping Hands

We arrived home one week ago.  I don't know where the times goes but days zoom by! I tell Kev that he makes my heart want to burst and Evangeline makes my heart want to melt.  I am so overwhelmed with love for my family.  We have been showered with blessings and helping hands.  First my parents and their truck load of food.  They cooked, cleaned, loved and taught while they were here.

In the hospital Linds came to visit along to Katie and Michael.  My long time friend, Brittany, came with a bag full of treats and coffee for Kevin (she is a wise woman).  We even got a surprise visit from Great Aunt Traci, God worked things out just perfectly so Traci could come meet the newest family addition. Our good friends, Nicole and Leondre stopped by to meet Evangeline last Sunday.  Nicole came bearing "lactation" bars.  Which were delicious and packed full of ingredients to help bring my milk in (oh and I have plenty of milk, trust me!).  Great Grammy and Great Grandpa Bob came by with lots of cuddles, love and tangerines (my favorite).  A package arrived from Great Betty Sue and Dan, Sarah and the little bug came for dinner.  I quickly grabbed nurse and experienced mommy, Sarah, and asked her to look at my nipples. (I no longer know the word modesty.)  Christian was a entertaining as always and made us laugh until our sides hurt. My work girls came by, and Erin and Jesse (they came while Erin was still pregnant, but as soon as she saw my empty stomach Lincoln was born 24 hours later). 

The greatest surprise was on Thursday night I woke up from my 9pm nap and Kev told me someone came to visit me. To be honest I was a bummed, because I early told Kev how tired I was and didn't feel like any more visitors.  But, as I rounded the corner to the living room. I saw my dear friend, Pippa, sitting on my couch loving on Evangeline.  I burst into tears! What a fun surprise to have my bestie sitting on the couch holding Evangeline and not just talking to her via skype from Boston. 

Pippa flew out on Saturday morning and Noni (Kev's Mom, Kathy) flew in Saturday afternoon.  I think Evangeline might burst with all the love that has been given to her already.  

See, so many blessings.  So much love and so much help.  It will be very interesting when me and the little sweetums are left all alone. I'll let you know how it goes! Thank you to everyone for all your love and support!

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