24 December, 2012

Winter Wonderland

There is no dreaming of a white Christmas for the Erickson's this Christmas. Tahoe has been blanketed by a beautiful white sheet of snow since our arrival. But, like two idiots Kevin and I arrived with NO snow gear. Good thing Bob and Kathy have us covered so we could play in the snow.

Evangeline was introduced to the snow and we went for a blizzardy walk.

Kev took me up on a dare and ran through the snow barefoot.

We tested out our survival skills and built a snow shelter. Kev and I, of course, had to build it big enough for us both to fit inside. Kathy wouldn't let us bring Evangeline inside our shelter, maybe next year baby.

Kev and I have been enjoying every minute of this winter wonderland!

See Bob in the background blowing the snow?! He did this for hours, literally HOURS!

We had Evangeline well bundled and covered!

Notice the barefeet

doesn't this make you claustrophobic?!

Snuggling inside our cave!

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