22 December, 2012

She Won Them All

Yesterday we decided to take Evangeline on her very first adventure. We booked tickets for Tahoe to visit Kev's parents while I was still pregnant in hopes Evangeline would be born just in time to travel for Christmas. As with everything else, Evangeline has been the perfect baby and came just in time to travel (SouthWest won't allow babies under two weeks to travel, she just squeaked by at three weeks).

We packed everything up, including a whole bag of cloth diapers and reusable wipes. We tried to only back the essential things but somehow babies still need a lot of things! Kev and I even managed to pack for ourselves. I asked for prayers from everyone I knew asking for easy traveling. (Big thank you to My parents for helping load everything up and driving us to the airport. We are still too cheap to pay for airport parking)

We made sure she was fed and in a dry diaper and I sent up more prayers as we entered onto the plane. I thought we would be sneered at. People would avoid eye contact not wanting us to sit near them. But instead we were greeted with oohs and awes. We even heard a few, "hi baby" coming from passengers. Lots of questions about her age, name, etc. To top it all off Evangeline slept through the whole flight and a dirty diaper. Once again, perfect baby.

Now we can enjoy our white Christmas with Noni and Papa in Tahoe!

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