Me and Him

April 2005- I interview for a Student Government Position at BIOLA University. My interviewer was a hottie.

August 2005- I got the Student Government position and my boss was a hottie.

May 2006- After a year of working together on Student Government I was convinced hottie boss would ask me out at the year end. He didn't and he graduated. Goodbye, hottie boss.

June 2007- Old Hottie boss sends me a random facebook message, "Tiffany- what are you doing for the summer and what are your plans after school? (Random I know but I want to stay in touch with you)." I just about fainted from excitement.

June 2007-July 2008- Several facebook messages were sent back and forth between me and old hottie boss. Many times hottie boss would waited several weeks or even months before responding back. Playing with my heard for almost a year!

July 3rd 2008- Old Hottie Boss asks me (through facebook) if I live close to Vancouver, WA. He was flying in from California for a friends wedding. He asked me to meet him for breakfast the day after his friend's wedding. I nearly fainted again from excitement.

August 9th 2008- After driving four hours I meet old hottie boss for breakfast. Our visit seemed too short and he flew back to California.

August 10th- September 19, 2008- Several hours each night I spent on phone with old hottie boss.

September 19, 2008- old hottie boss flys to Bend to meet my parents and hang out for a week.

September 19, 2009- Hottie Boss becomes hottie husband.