06 September, 2014

Remember This

I wish I could write this blog post as in the middle of my day so I can accurately document my true feelings of our current season in life.  Because right now, I am actually having a moment to myself as I am sitting on the back patio, eating dark chocolate(which I crave like craze while breastfeeding) and soaking in the 90 degree weather while both my little woman are down for the night and it is ONLY 8pm!!  Serious success. And with this success my description is going to be much to mild.

But, this might be my first calm in the storm in over 8 weeks and I actually have time to describe what our life looks like right now. In February Kev decided to quit his job, be home full time with Evangeline and double his school load so he could finish his MBA early and I would continue to work full time. This was all good and fine until little Ms. Juliet entered the world.  I forgot how much attention and care and boobs newborns need.  So, now we have two kids, a full time student, a mom who works full time, and two parents committed to raise their babies and be at home.  Oh and to top it all off Kevin was offered a job we could not refuse. So, now we are trying to juggle our two jobs, two kids, school, and figure out how one of us can always home with the kiddos... oh and try to have a marriage.

I am not going to lie, the last few days there have been times when I want to sit in the corner and rock, and sometimes I do it. Everything seems so daunting and and impossible.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, it is a life saver when I've made a million trips to Target and still can't remember mascara.  There have been days when I look like a hot mess because little Ms. Ju is a snuggle bug and protests being put down which makes showering almost impossible.  Some days I find myself stand at the computer bouncing furiously with Juliet in my arms, singing the ABC's to Evangeline, trying to read an email. And worst of all, most days Kev and I are going to bed at different times because he is up studying and I am so exhausted I can't keep my eyes open.

This time for us is hard, really hard.  I didn't know what busy was until now.  I remember feeling this way when Evangeline was first born, I didn't know how easy I had it then.  This is just a testament of how God won't give you more than we can handle.  I just need to soak in the moments when I can slowly enjoy my chocolate (instead of hiding in the pantry scarfing it down). It will be great to reread this blog post years from now and know that we survived.  We will survive, won't we...?

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  1. Beautifully said and yes - do re read this years down the road to help you recall these precious, fleeting "moments".


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