07 September, 2014


Sleeping seriously stresses me out. Not my own sleep or lack there if. But the sleep of my kids. I almost eish there weren't so many resources out there so I could live in ignorance. 

Don't let you baby cry. They will feel abandoned. You need to let your baby cry or they will never learn to self soothe 

Don't sleep train until 16 weeks. Start sleep training as early as possible.

Lay your baby down awake. Lay your baby down sleepy.  Lay your baby down passed out. 

Co- sleep. Never share a bed with your baby. 

You can't spoil your baby. Don't spoil your baby. 

It is seriously exhausting and all consuming. I thought I would have this all figured out having done it with Evangeline but it is just as stressful the second time around. Evangeline is an incredible sleeper and by the grace of God we never had to make her Cry It Out. That should be reassurance enough that Juliet can be a great sleeper one day also. 

One thing I need to make sure I don't do as a mother is always harp on the things my girls AREN'T doing and focus on the things are are doing. For example, Juliet is an incredible night sleeper. She goes down easy with a little bouncing and a few cuddles. Sleeps like 6 hours, eats, goes right back to sleep, wakes up 4ish hours later, eats, goes back to sleep and wake up 6:30-7ish. Sleeping the while time in her bassinet!! That's awesome!! Evangeline slept in our bed for months! 

So here is a little note to myself of we happen to find ourselves with baby #3 (please, Lord 2 is enough). Don't stress too much. Do what YOU feel is best for YOUR babies. Pray about sleep more than you read about sleep. And soak in the cuddles. Soon they will die at the thought of cuddling in your bed with you. 

Stress less, sleep more. 

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