31 August, 2012

Camping Champions

Kevin and I love to camp and it just so happens that my parents own a fishing resort in Oregon and it has some of the best camping spots.  Kev and I had the brilliant idea of putting together a little camping adventure and inviting some of our favorite people to join us (minus our Schelubes as a trip from Boston might be asking a little much).

So here is the story.  Erin, 6 months pregnant, and I, 6 months pregnant decided to venture down to East Lake before our hubbys were off work. And, surprisingly we only stopped once for a pee break.  We stopped at  Ray's Food Place which may have been a bad idea because EVERYTHING looked delicious and we didn't have our nagging husbands with us to stop us from eating a bunch of crap! For example I decided a Pizza Stick was a good idea, which it was. 

 Anyways, we made it to East Lake in one piece.  With our tummys full we decided we would have our campsite all ready for when the boys pulled in!
Look, we lite built a fire!  Rob who? Oh, OK.  Maybe one of the Resort workers build our fire.  But we lite it!

And look, we put up the tent!  Ok, maybe Katie and Michael helped a little.  But, just a LITTLE

Happy Campers sitting around the fire we lite built.

When the boys pulled up at 9:00pm to see a fire going, tent set up and dinner ready to heat, they must have been impressed!

Friday night was a success.  Lots of adventures were planned for Saturday!

Leandre was the first in the water hoping to catch some dinner.
The rest of us tried to thaw by the fire.  I was a COLD first night!  Especially for those who get up a million times a night to pee.
Cousin Katie and me!
Jesse cooking up some breakfast grub.  Can you see Leandre still in the water?
 After we were all fed and somewhat warm.  The girls headed out for a hike and the boys grabbed their fishing poles!
Paulina Falls
Obsidian Flow
I didn't think it was warm enough.  But, Kev and Leandre went for a swim!
The rest of us watching the crazy kids in the water
Kevin teaching baby Richie to swim.  Richie peed on Kyle in the middle of the night.  I think it was because Richie heard Kyle liked cats.
After lunch the boys headed off to try and catch us some dinner.  Us girls went to the cafe to grab a drink.  Erin and her horse dog made friends.  And then he swiped their hamburger later because he thought they liked him so much!
How do you think they did at providing dinner?!
Look at all those fish!
Sweet puppy Richie snuggling with Bobby!

I hope these picture help show how much fun we had.  And, I really think that EVERYONE had fun, I hope... oh well, if not, I had a BLAST!


  1. man, how gorgeous it is there! what a fun weekend! I haven't camped, in years. you've given me the itch!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh! We had SO much fun!
      Wouldn't have missed this weekend!!


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