30 August, 2012

26 Weeks

It was a HUGE awakening for me when my friend Erin informed me that I only had three, 3, tres, months until this little girly pops out (right, that's what happens?  The baby pops right out of me?)!!

Kev and I better get on it!  Right now all she has in her room are a few adorable outfits (thank you friends and family) and a rug!!  Oh and her name...we don't know...we can't decided.

Three months, I don't know if I am ready for life to change so dramatically.  But, I guess I should have thought of that before Kev and decided to have a little "fun" one night!  YIKES!  See you in three months, baby!

Wanna know why I think she is going to pop out? Check out the first couple seconds of this video.  Please excuse my piglet bellybutton!!
 She was much more wild until I turned the camera on.... how does she know?!!

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