09 August, 2012

So long, 1225.

Well, last night was our last night in our downtown apartment. We made a downtown night of it!  We walked to the Pearl and enjoyed a dinner at Trader Vic's. Super fun atmosphere and the weather was warm enough to eat in their open air dining! 
Look how yummy the food was! You can just tell by the was it looks that it was a party in our mouth!

From there we headed to moonstruck chocolates, and finished the night at Powell's Book store. I was trying to top off the night with a little Salt and Straw but Kev wasn't buying it.  It was pushing 9:30pm when we left Powell's and we are old timers. 

We crawled onto our blow up mattress, compliments of Kev's lungs (oops, we forgot to charge the electric pump) and slept our last night in our very first apartment together.
 Early this morning we headed to Besaw's and reminised over the last 5 times that we met there! Crazy it has been so many already!  We couldn't even remember all of our visits!  I am kicking myself that we haven't taken a picture every year!

The date of handing in our keys was actually PERFECT. Every August 9th Kevin and I head to Besaw's in NW Portland to celebrate the day Kevin FINALLY asked me out!(If you want more of an explanation read here.  Basically, in my mind Kev took about two years too long to ask me out!)  Anyways, August 9th, 2008 we meet for breakfast for our first date at Besaw's and we remember it every year by going back to the same spot.  So, today, August 9th, we said our goodbye while remembering our start.  Pretty cool, huh?

We enjoyed our delicious breakfast as always, walked back to our apartment, packed up our last few items and thanked the Lord for our time there.  As Kev prayed for that home I was a big cry baby.  We really loved that house.  We had so many fun memories.  We will always remember our first place.
I really dislike this picture.  If Kev wasn't in such a hurry to get to work I would have made us retake it!

Bye 1225, it was so so fun!!

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  1. Aw good memories indeed :-) this new place will hold the memories of a new baby!!! Eeeeek!! Lol


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