08 August, 2012

A Blue Adventure

With all the moving that has been happening over the last few weeks poor little Blue has been neglected. Wait, do you even remember who Blue is?  Read about my new friend here!

Last night Blue and I finally rekindled our friendship and love.  (well, I don't really love her on hills...she kind of sucks at them).

Kev found a trail in our new city...Vantucky, I mean, Vancouver.  He needed to get a 6 mile run under his belt and I needed to dust off Blue.  The trail for the night was Burnt Bridge trail.  I tried my best to capture our little ride/run. Enjoy!

Pretty NW

Bridge, Burnt Bridge possibly.  This picture is blurry because I am TERRIBLE at riding one handed.
I passed Kev-0 on blue.  We must look like the funniest pair of runner/cruisers.

Found this little gem right close to our house.  We will be going back for some peaches!!

this is when the view started to get good!!

Blue really sucks at hills.  I am not just saying I suck at going up hills, Blue doesn't cruise up hills.  Oh, and I found out I not only suck riding one handed.  I suck riding standing up.  Which doesn't help the hill situation. Kev took her up the hill while I ran.  Running the hill was seriously easier.

We explored our new town.  Spent time together, exercised and still agreed that Blue was the best idea we had in a long time!  Well, besides the few times we ended up on busy main roads, going up hill, no bike lane, no helmet. Can you picture me on Blue?  Had to be a site.

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  1. Miss Tiff. You don't have a helmet!!?!!

    This looks like sooo much fun! Your comment about your "view" killed me!! LOL ;D This weather and the 'burbs are serving you nicely!


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