17 August, 2012

half a year

Pretty nutz-o that I have been pregnant for 6 months already!  Oh, and I was thrilled to hear it will be several months after the babe is born that the dreaded "monthly gift" will show its ugly face again!  
Definitely a plus side to pregnancy!

Though I am FINALLY seeing the positives of pregnancy; feeling baby move, my hair is fuller, all the extra help/attention you get from EVERYONE (it's amazing actually how nice everyone is to a pregnant lady).  Even though my morning sickness is gone I am finding there are still a few down sides to pregnancy. I know I am not alone in this issue, I have talked to a lot of girls who have experienced the same thing while pregnant.  Still, I don't know how to talk myself out of the strange body image issues I am experiencing..
my face describes it all
When you step onto a scale in your home you hope to see the numbers drop.  Well, that feeling does not go away when you step on to the scale at your OB's office.  It is a strange feeling to be scolded with the scale goes down or stays the same. They want to see a weight gain, you don't want to see much of one.

It is a strange feeling to not fit into any of your clothes and the clothes that do fit, fit weird. I refused to buy maternity clothes.  I refused to buy a new bra.  But, when I am frantically undressing each night because I feel like I am going to bust my clothes at the seam (which has happened...) or that my bra's underwire is going to cut my boob off... I finally gave into the world of Motherhood Maternity. Thank you for Kev and Mom for helping me through this treacherous hurdle!

Can anyone tell me why so many maternity clothes are butt ugly?  I mean, we pregnancy gals already don't feel at the top of our sexy game and to put us in patterned tents and bras that look like turtlenecks isn't really helping us feel the pregnancy glow!

I wish I could just be excited that my growing body is holding a growing baby.  But, when I read she is only weighing about 1lbs right now, I wonder what the extra 9lbs are for!! I decided, weight feels like weight.  If you are growing a human or not!

When Kev and I were looking at my prego pictures from the last few months we both exclaimed at Weeks 14...we both forgot that there was a time that I didn't have a tummy!  But, on man, look at her grow!

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  1. LOVE the pictures! And remember it's not just a baby in there, you've got a placenta, and amniotic fluid too - and liquid is heavy!!


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