02 August, 2012

22 Weeks

Well, it is happening, 22 weeks and the morning sickness is finally gone!  Not 100% but enough were I am remembering that is ISN'T normal to feel sick ALL.THE.TIME!

When it happened I didn't want to say anything to any one.  I was afraid if the morning sickness knew I noticed it was slacking on its job, it would come back full force!  But, then I realized I need to give thanks for this! Sing to the mountain tops. Praise the Lord and rejoice in this moment of RELIEF!

So, here I am! Thank you, Lord!

While, I am at it, here are a couple other things about pregnancy that I am grateful for:
1. No ache on my face
2. No sign of stretch marks (this may come later but I am so glad they haven't shown their face yet!)
3. The ability to eat food again
4. The ability to look at my Cooking Light magazines again
5. The ability to cook meals for Kev-o and his big ole' stomach!
6. Hearing everyone's baby girl name recommendations.  Some are VERY amusing.  Kev's having some of the best!
7. Feeling the little wiggle worm in my tummy right before I go to sleep!
8. Hearing Kev yell every time he feels a big kick or punch
9. Being surrounded my so many thoughtful, caring and supportive people
10. The adorable baby clothes that are starting to accumulate

Thank you, Lord for all the blessings!  Oh, and we are moved!  Still settling in but moved in and sleeping at the new house!

I will get the move pictures up soon!

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I know, I always look like a crazy picture!  Kev- tell me to use a brush next time!


  1. YAY!!!!! The morning sickness is still gone!! Love the pictures! I think you're going to torpedo soon-baby has no where to go but straight out! :)

  2. Glad to hear you are over the morning sickness. You look great in all the pictures :)

    xo Stephanie

  3. Yay! So glad that you have many things to sing praises about!

  4. BABY BABY BABY! Love her and how big she is getting. And yah for food again.


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