07 August, 2012


Portland has been experiencing some pretty wonderful summer weather.  Last night Kev and I took full advantage of it!  After we both got home from work we opened every windows in the house (partly because I am still trying to air out the dog smell the last owner left us, so nice.)  and Kev fired up our BBQ.  This was super exciting because we haven't been able to use our BBQ since we got it over two years ago.  We haven't had a yard or patio until now and we busted it out for last night's dinner!  While I watched over our grilling meal Kev decided to rid our property of all the SPIDERS!! I seriously think our home might be a commune for all spiders in the neighborhood, they are EVERYWHERE! But, not to worry, Kev-0 went to home depot!  Oh, and if you know Kev-0, you know that yard/house maintenance is probably one of the most exciting things to ever happen to him.

Just as Kev finished his spider hunt the food was ready! We sat on our patio, ate our delicious meal and enjoyed the Portland summer!  As we finished up, I went inside to clean the dishes and Kev went outside to adjust the sprinklers...yes, and he loved that too!  We actually sat for a while listening to the different sprinkler zones turn on and off just as Kev has so perfectly programmed!  After Kev came in from working on his sprinkler master piece he brought in with him a large piece of frozen salmon....apparently we have some very nice neighbors behind us that just got back from Alaska.   It took us almost three years to become friends with our neighbors in Portland.

I hate to admit it.  The burbs are growing on me.


  1. Another PNWer checking in! I also had my dinner out on the back patio last night. :) These summer nights have been absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I am glad you finally got to use your grill and found some friendly neighbors. Maybe you'll be able to cook out with them sometime?

  2. how flippin' cute is this!! I LOVE it. Suburbia. You may convince me. :)

  3. oh lord how cute are you and that tummy!

  4. Getting caught up on your blog, I was so behind! Love it! It's great to have nice neighbors!!


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