03 August, 2012

Burbs Bound

Last Saturday we said goodbye to the city and hello to suburbia.  And, all of last week we spent every night packing up our little apartment and going through all of our crap stuff trying to decide what to keep, what to pack and what to pitch!

Kevin, being one of the most positive people I know, was whistling as he packed, laughing at stuff he found and having a jolly ole' time.  I, on the other hand, was often found standing in the kitchen in sheer stress and horror!  I had NO idea how I was going to pack up our kitchen! And,where was everything coming from? And, why was everything sooooo heavy?!!  Kevin even caught me sitting on the floor reading the newspaper I was supposed to be using to carefully wrap the kitchen items in.  I was not into this move to say the least!  But, just like everything does, it all got done.

Good bye closest!
We were fortunate enough not to have to pay for a rental truck.  My work owns one that we got to borrow!
hahahaha! Look at our ride!
Dan came over and helped Kev move all our boxes and furniture into the truck.  Apparently, when you become pregnant you become cripple as well.  Dan made it very clear that we weren't organized enough for his liking!  Hahaha- oh, Danny Boy!  Thank you, big brother!

The truck was loaded and we said goodbye to the city and headed to the burbs!  Sniff sniff!

I learned unloading the truck was WAY faster than loading it!  But, then I soon learned unpacking is the worst of all!
Last thing off the truck!

We ended our night doing very suburban things. We stopped by wal-mart and grabbed dinner at Taco Bell and finished everything off with a milkshake from Burger King!  Don't judge, the burbs make you do crazy things!


  1. Welcome to the burbs!!!! Whats on the agenda tonight.... a little Olive Garden, Bed Bath & Beyond?! ha ha ha Glad you on our side of town, atleast your new home is AH-DORABLE!!!!!

  2. Looks and sounds like a good day. Love the picture of your moving truck...Not quite time for retirement, but it got the job done! ;) No judgement here. Taco bell, shakes, and even Wal-Mart, what's not to love every now and then?


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