03 September, 2012

Before the Internet

One thing I really appreciate about my hubbalub he is LOVES to learn.  And learning we have been doing in the last few weeks.  We have been busy learning all sorts of new hobbies.

We learned how to Make Pulled Pork Sandwiches:
Kev and I have had a traeger bbq for about three year but we just got a house where we could use it! Kev got on the internet and learned how to make pulled pork.  Did you know it take 12 hours to smoke?!!
Kev getting the pork roast ready.  If we were able to see the clock in the back ground you would see it was 11:00pm
Kev got up several times in the middle of the night to do whatever he learned on the internet he needed to do.
There she is....several hours into her smoking process!

 Everything came off the BBQ just in time for Rachy, Brant and little Zoe to have lunch with us!
And seriously, such good pulled pork sandwiches!
and then a nap was required and well deserved!
We learned how to play the Harmonica:
Next, Kevin learned off the internet how to play Taps on his harmonica.  Yes, he had a harminica that he likes to take backpacking and snowboarding.  I know, he is so cute!

He also learned proper hand holding techniques.  He ended each of our camping nights by playing his newly learned tune by the campfire!

isn't he hot?1
We learned how much flags cost:
I love estate sales and a few weeks ago there was one down the street from our new house.  We went in and saw an american flag for $5.  WE jumped on Amazon and saw that $5 was a steal of a deal with the pole. So, we bought it! 
We are so patriotic.  Remember our awesome pumpkin from Halloween?
We learned how to fly fish:
I am seriously so mad I didn't capture any pictures of this.  Kev and I in the backyard learning fly fishing techniques from YouTube.  I also watched the neighbor girl get picked up for a date.  She was back promptly by 11:00pm (yes, I am that nosy neighbor)

How did we survive before the internet? 

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  1. So that's where your flag came from!! :) You guys have been learning lots of fun things lately and I agree Kevin did a super job with Taps!


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