20 September, 2012

Anniversary Trip

Hello from Cancun Mexico! Kev and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary in Cancun. An added bonus is we are also hanging out with brother Dan and new wife Sarah on their honeymoon! (we were actually invited to come on their honeymoon with them and we sure are glad we did!) When we showed up at our Resort on Monday morning, cousin Jakey and girlfriend, Laula, were also here to surprise the newlyweds!

Kev and I honeymoon at this exact resort three years ago and it feels so good to be back! We are flooded with fun memories and we are eager to make more! The weather has been great and I have been extra careful to lube up my buldging belly. Despite my efforts I am a little lobster and basically missed all of our snnuversary avoiding the sun. Silly pregnancy! Kev was very sweet and spent most of the day with me inside the air conditioned hotel.  Luckily, after almost two whole sleepless nights of fighting my itchy, hot skin I am able to brave an umbrella by the pool today!

Kev, Dan, and Sarah are all out zip lining right and Jakey and Laula are visitng Tulum. I helped myself to a massage and facial. Though, I would have loved to fly through the jungle treetops I think the spa was a pretty nice alternative!

So far our days have consisted of going to the beach, eating, go to the pool, eating,getting something yummy to drink, going to the beach, eating and sleeping. Quit the vacation if you ask me. We are getting all the lounging out of our systems and then we have lots of adventures and activities planned for our last few days!  I will post pictures when I get back.

Blogger, please make an app that is better for the iPad,  your current one is no bueno!


  1. I'm so glad you're having fun!! Hope you enjoy the pool today! XO

  2. Awww, sounds like a great time! Sorry to hear about your lobster sitch....Hope that clears soon! Enjoy the rest of your time away!


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