13 February, 2012


Happy Monday, did everyone have an amazing weekend?  Mine was extremely restful and good thing! I am going to need it!  This is going to be a VERY busy week and I am going to need all the rest I can get.  February is a busy month for me.  It is also one of my favorite months!   

I love February for several reasons!  
  • It is one month closer to Summer. 
  • Valentines day is in February. And if you know me, I love to think about Love.
  • Hearts, pinks and reds are found everywhere.  
  • Oh, and my birthday is in February!  
Every since I was little I have had a love-hate relationship with birthdays.  I get uncomfortable with the attention that birthdays bring.  I don't like being serenaded, I don't like feeling pressured to blow out all my candles(26, this year), I dislike opening gifts in front of people, and I always feel like I have to look SUPER good on the my birthday. I know, I just gave you a little glimpse into my crazy mind!

The thing that I have always loved about my birthdays are the fun parties my mom always threw.  My mom has a gift of making you feel like you are the MOST important person in the WORLD, especially on your birthday.  You ate on a special plate on your birthday, always got shot-gun on your birthday, chose breakfast, lunch and dinner on your birthday.  Having two other sibilings, birthdays were the best growing up, the day was yours to do with as you please.

Now, that I am married, the Baton has been passed to Kev-0.  He has huge shoes to fill, being the new birthday planner.  But, let me just say.  He has done an amazing job.  The first birthday we celebrated together was in 2009 and every year he some how figures out how to out do the last.
2009: Kev not only convinced me, but my whole family to go bungee jumping! It was a riot!

2010: He drove me to the Oregon Coast and rented a house there. He took me crabbing!! So so so so so so much fun!! I could have been out there all day!
2011: Took me to trampoline warehouse, were be bounced the day away! Watch out kiddos, the big kids are in the house!
My birthday is on Wednesday of this year.  I can't wait to see what he has in store! I have the best party planner!


  1. Seriously?! Talk about some amazing birthdays!!

  2. You have had some amazing birthdays lovely, I cannot wait to hear what this years will be :)
    Love you muchly!

  3. You are one lucky lady! Your hubs plans out your birthdays so well. They all look like so much fun!


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