10 February, 2012

So lazy!

Hi all!!! Geesh, I have been soooooo lazy! Kev and I both got a gross cold last week and it not only gave me a sore throat, cough, and lots of snot.  It gave me the case of the lazies!  I haven't wanted to do anything but sleep and blow my nose!  But, I am on the up and up. I now only have a little snot and a little cough.  And, I am only a little lazy now.

It is InstaFriday and I hardly took ANY photos at all this week. See, I was being so L.A.Z.Y.!! So, I went waaaay back on my camera roll and pulled some oldies off.
Doesn't this face make you want to die?!! I found him outside of New Seasons.  I think he wanted me to take him home.

Do you think he will be mad I posted this? I could not help myself!

Dim Sum.  So you see what I am about to eat?  Hint: Chickens walk on these.

Proof Kevin lets me eat at McDonalds every once in a while.  This is a RARE occasion!

It must be that good that Kev felt the need to keep a fork in this all the time.

My little braid that I did all myself!

Cousin Katie and I at Taylor Swift.  Funnest concert ever!!

The Swift herself!
Kevin imitating my sexy dance.  Yes please, this is how I try and seduce my husband.
Happy Friday! I seriously can't wait until next week!! There are sooooo many good things happening next week.  I am serious, tons of good things! 


  1. Oh those puppy eyes! And I lOVE that braid!! I've tried that myself-mine don't look very good though... :)

  2. That sweet dog is making me want a puppy so bad! I think I am going to get one this summer! :)

    You saw Taylor Swift?! Fun! :)

  3. Cute blog! :) I'm your newest follower :)

  4. Found you thru Erin, :-)
    I have to say the reason why I decided to check you out, lol is because we have the same name which is awesome.
    You and your hubby are so cute! Once I find the follow button I'll be your newest follower...but I just don't see one haha I blame my ipad

  5. Hehe Yay! I'm excited we swapped buttons!
    Your pics are so cute. Haha the husband one - HILARIOUS! =)
    I love the braid in your hair, I can't do those myself, I wish I could though...And Taylor Swift! That's just awesome! =)
    Much Love,


  6. Oh my gosh! That dog looks so huggable! Like a big teddy bear! I am SO not a dog person, but that one is adorable!

  7. what a cutie pie puppy!! and i have such a girl-crush on taylor swift. ha so nice to meet you!



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