14 February, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Don't you love it?  Even if people say that hate Valentine's Day, I don't believe it! Doesn't everyone love Love?  I have to hold back my desire to dress from head to toe in a Valentine outfit.  Pink, red and hearts galore.  I secretly envoy those who actually show up to work all decked out! 

Kev and I are still trying to figure out how we want to celebrate Valentine's day each year. My birthday falls on the day after Valentines day and when I started to date Kev, I made sure he knew that Valentines day and my birthday had to ALWAYS be separate occasions.  They will not be lumped into one day!  In the past three years, he has done very well!  But, poor guy.  Christmas being in December and two months later he has to plan Valentine's Day and my Birthday. 

Being together less than 4 year(including dating), it is pretty neat we can remember all of our Valentine's days together. But, unlike my birthdays... we are terrible at taking Valentine's Day photos... I could only find one!!! Ughhh!

2009- Our first Valentine's Day together.  We had dinner downtown Portland and then we were picked up by a horse and buggy.  It was filled with other couples we love! I thought Kev was going to propose that night, he didn't.  But, he did tell me he loved me for the first time!

2010- Kev planned a romantic Stay-Cation in downtown Portland, where we stayed at the adorable Lucia Hotel... no pictures were taken that night!

2011- Last year I finally got my whits about me and realized my poor guys would soon be resenting my favorite month if I did not help him out.  So, I told him I would take care of everything!  Kev always prefers to eat a home cooked meal rather than go out.  So, I made an elegant dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, Kev's favorite.  I decorated the table, with the help of the beautiful flowers Kev brought home and our wine glasses from our wedding.

When Kev got home he showed me he had been stung or bitten by something on his pinky finger and his finger was swelling up.  Not wanting our night spoiled by an insect, I gave Kev two Benadryl.  Did you catch that?!! I gave him TWO benadryl! What was I thinking?  I soon found my valentine passed out on the couch by 7:30pm.  And, that was our 2011.  And, no.  I did not do that on purpose, hahaha we are newlyweds for goodness sake!

So I will let you know how this year goes.  We decided to take it easy, take out and movie.  Doing what we like to do best.  Hanging out!  

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I hope you are surrounded by people you love!

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  1. Haha, oh what great memories! I just told LeAndre sorry for giving him such a big job-Anniversary in Nov, Christmas in Dec, my birthday in Jan, and Valentine's in Feb. He's got one a month for 4 months in a row! :) He's done great though!


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