02 March, 2012


Fridays I recap my week...I didn't do much... here it is...

Phase 10- We played hours of this game this weekend with the Scheeles.
Pippa and I went to the Woman's All Night of Pray at Church this weekend. It was amazing and somehow I made it through the entire night!
First real thing I ate after my flu, ham and cheese quesedilla. 
I went into work for a few hours on Thursday and there was snow on my car!  Beautiful!
I got home from work and this was on our porch.  Did you know you could ship a tire, no box needed!
For weeks I had plans to go see a Ballet with Pippa and my good friend Nicole.  Last night was the night, it was incredible! It made me wish I NEVER quit ballet!
Kev's first birthday card arrived.  Thanks, SouthWest Airlines.  You think they could have thrown in a few free points or something.
Kev-0's birthday is TOMORROW!  He doesn't like me to do much for his birthday.  Actually he tells me every year if I never say happy birthday and act like it is just another day, that would be the best present of all. Sorry babe, not going to happen.  I don't think you really mean it!  Fun things in store tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!!
life rearranged


  1. phase 10 is one of my favorite games! we play all the time!

  2. Who knew you could ship a tire like that.

  3. Not a bad week at all for being sick! (besides actually BEING sick of coarse) Oh that husband of yours is so funny-he'd miss all your attention for sure!!


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