23 March, 2012

Wedding Rehearsal

I really want my blog to be a documentation.  A diary of sorts.  When I saw that Ultimate Wedding Week Link Up on A Charmed Life. I though this would be a perfect way to document mine and Kev's wedding with out bombarding everyone all at once with a million in one post. Well, I think you will be bombarded anyways but it must be documented.

I had 10 bridesmaids and Kevin had 10 groomsmen.  Some people thought this was excessive, we thought it would be great fun! Theses special people lived all over and our venue was in the middle beautiful no where.  So, we were going to have a fun filled wedding weekend!  To start, rehearsal day!

The sun greeted us on our rehearsal day, I can't say the sun decided to join us on the actual day, but it was nice to show up for a little while.    We chose our wedding party based off of the friends who have helped shape us and prepare us to marry one another! Having 20 friends, a stressed out bride and a fun-loving groom, oh my, it was an adventure! Trying to get everyone's attention, put them in place, decided what was supposed to be happening.  It was chaos to say the least!

This was Kev trying to get me to "chill"

Kev's solution to everything is a pull-up. So, he threw me up on our chapel to "work it out".  And yes, I did a pull up and yes it helped my stressing! 

We eventually got everything figured out, despite all my worries that things would NEVER get done!  We headed to town to have lunch at my Maid of Honor's parents house.  It was fitting to have her parents be so intimately involved with our wedding. They were my second set of parents in High School!

We ate delicious BBQ, played Volleyball, horseshoes, frisbee and all sorts of lawn games  We Basked in the sun and played all the stress away!  It was a perfect day and we had so much fun! The boys had to take off to go get their suits and us girls practiced our secret dance (more on that next week).

 After we danced until our little heart's content, we prettied ourselves up for dinner!

Kevin's parents planned our dinner at Blacksmith in Bend, OR.  It was perfect! Food was delicious and the restaurant was adorable.

Aren't these cute?  Kev's sister made them for every place setting!
Groom's cake! A tent! It was soooo cute!
My wonderful parents!
College roomies! Missing Megs, not sure why she was not in this picture.
After everyone had gotten their fill of food, cake and drinks, Kev and I had something special planned.  We asked everyone to be apart of our ceremony because they had helped shape and form us and we wanted to tell them all how!  
We had bought little gifts for each one of them and each gift resembled what we have learned from that friend that help prepare us to be a spouse.  It was a really fun night.  Full of tears and laughter.  It was one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend. It was a great way to start off our wedding weekend!

We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people! Thank you to all our wonderful friends who helped prepare us for our marriage!


  1. awwww, perfect day. Love how you personalized and made relevant the choices of the people in your wedding party.


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