13 March, 2012


Kev has said if he could change one thing about me, it would be my sense of smell.  I am like a coon hound.  I can smell anything, especially if it smells bad.  The first thing I do when I walk in our house is, "sniff, sniff".  If everything smells likes candy, cupcakes, and roses, things are over.  If I can smell even the smallest trace of last night's dinner, this morning's breakfast, or a trash that needs to be emptied, nothing stops me until our house smells like a bakery again. I alone probably keep our local Bath and Body Works in business. 

Last weekend I cooked up a huge breakfast containing hash brows.  I threw in some chopped onion and bell peppers!  It was delicious... but I should have know better.  I banned the entrance of cooked bell peppers from my house years ago; I guess I thought this time would be different.  Hours and even days later our little 600sq ft home still smelled like I opened up a Mexican restaurant inside.  I rewashed the pans, opened all the window (on a VERY cold day I might add), baked, lit my thousand candles, sprayed air freshener and I COULD NOT GET RID OF IT!  I was panicked; I would not let these little bell peppers take over!

I got online and searched the net for answers!  I did more research then I ever did for any of my college papers....  I found several suggestions: bake cinnamon, put a lemon down the sink, boil water and vinegar, and place vinegar in a bowl on the counter overnight.  I was determined to try them all.  It was late so I though the best solution would be to try the vinegar on the counter first. 

I searched my cupboards for vinegar and found a pomegranate red wine vinegar that I dumped into an empty mason jar.  I went to bed and prayed pomegranate vinegar would go to battle against the spicy pepper smell!!

I woke up in the morning, took a BIG "sniiiiiiiiiiffff" and smelt.... nothing.  Could this be?  Was the vinegar victorious?  I could only know after being out of the house for several hours to refresh my nose.  We ran a few errands and when I returned the smell was gone!!!! I could hardly believe it! How does it work?  Kev thinks it was coincidence, I think not.  Now I have been placing little cups of vinegar everywhere that I think smells funky.  I even placed it strategically in the hallway of our apartment...with Kev's disapproval, but this stuff works!

Anyone have any other ideas?  I  would be willing to try them all, all at the same time!!  Bad smells, I will conquer you all!!


  1. Haha!! I love this! I can just imagine your excitment and Kev's wagging head. :) I know there are charcoal pads ment to stick under the lid or inside the pail of your garbage can (but outside the bag) that obsorb smells. I've gotten them from the Container Store. Also baking soda is known to do the same-hence the age old tradition of placing a small bowl of baking soda on a shelf in your frig. That's all I can think of. Oh and I do use lemons too. :)

  2. Hey Tiffany- wanted to respond to your question about what Hearts of Palm is. To be quite honest, I'm not sure :) I typically find them in a jar near the beans...wierd. I don't know if they come from a plam tree or what?!?! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm a new follower.

  3. LOL, you crack me up. I need to try this next to my food compost bin in the sink!

  4. Ooh this is actually a good idea! Haha my sense of smell is actually pretty terrible, but I think even I would smell those peppers.

  5. you kill me. you know you love the smell of chicken and bell peppers over pasta ;-)


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