10 March, 2012

Thank You

This post is LONG over due!  I want to give a special Thank You to a fellow blogger who did a small feature of my newby blog all the way back in February.  I know, I deserve a spanking for the long over due Thank You card!!

Better late than never, I suppose!  So here it is, Ashley from Sunshine.Life.Love, THANK YOU!!


 On February 7, 2012, Ashley from Sunshine.Life.Love added me to her February Swap! I have enjoyed reading about this life loving, California girl!  She write from her heart and makes you feel like you are old friends! Thank you, Ashley for the spot light on your delightful blog!

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  1. AWWWW!!! This seriously just made my night! You are soo sweet to do a shout out like that. And I promise you, the feelings are mutual :) I love reading about your life with you and your hubs! Thanks again!


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