09 March, 2012

Made it to Friday!

I made it through a full work week.  I worked Monday- Friday, 8ish to 5ish.  I don't remember the last time I did that between the holidays, illnesses, traveling and just plain boredom.  Well, actually I should not give myself any credit yet.  I have not survived Friday! Check out the rest of my week in an insta...

I have a REALLY hard time unwrapping these little boxes to wear the goodies inside.  And I NEVER want to throw these little romantic boxes away.

Flying lesson- propeller, do not get near.  Easy enough.

Look at that drool...

See how one balloon is drooping?  Kev and I put cash in it thinking it would still float with Helium... we were wrong.  He LOVED the balloons, success!! Happy Birthday sweet Aiden!

I convinced sick Kev-0 to talk a walk around the block and get some fresh air.  He got confused and put his sweat shirt over his jacket!!! I laughed and laughed.  Poor guy!

I see a walking group in Portland all the time.  Are they a club?  Does any one from Portland know what this is all about?!!

Seriously, I turn 26 and my body is out to kill me!!

I was spoiled this week at work, look at these beauties!!

Hopefully, Kev and I have gotten all the sickness out of our systems for the ENTIRE YEAR, we have been two gross, germ producing machines.  I apologize to all our friends, family and co-workers!  This weekend I will be scrubbing and bleaching the whole house! What will you be doing?  Whatever it is, I hope it is a great one!!

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  1. GREAT pics Tiff! That bug of yours is just too darn cute.

  2. I love the Tiffany's boxes! So pretty!


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