20 March, 2012

On My Game

Part of being a personal assistant is I have to be on my game at all times. I need to be ready to pick up cupcakes, do research, run errands, go on a wild goose hunt and hop on a plane in a moments notice.

Yesterday, I roll into my of office and found out I needed to be on a plane in two hours to head to Arizona. I run home, throw a few items in a bag, hope I packed something that would turn into a decent outfit, and get to the plane in time for departure.

I organize someone else's life for a living, but somehow I can't figure out how to organize my own. We land in Arizona and it is snowing! Did I bring a jacket, no. I ended up being up until midnight scrubbing scuffs off doors (don't ask), did I bring jeans, no. I have had this job three years now.

Luckily, I ended up full dressed this morning, packing everything I need to hide my naked self. The mountains were beautifully decorated, and I was able to stretch out my scrubbing muscles at a chair exercise class. Even though I can't organize my own life, I'm pretty good at faking that I'm on my game! Hopefully I can keep this facade up to keep my job!


  1. You dont give yourself credit, you are AH-MAZING at your job and SNOW in Arizona...who knew...Im sure you looked fabulous in what ever outfit you wore to scrub those doors!!

  2. That sounds amazing though! I am an assistant, but don't get to be that adventurous. Props to you!


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