15 March, 2012

Supper Club- Smexy

Last week was Supper Club and it was Makaila's turn to host again!  We had it at her place all the way back in October when we first started! I always look forward to supper club, with out fail the food is delicious!  

Heidi and I have given Mak a new nickname, Smexy.  It means, sexy mexican, and that is exactly what Makaila is. She proved it with her deliciously health mexican meal she served up last week at Supper Club!

We started off our night of eating a scrumptious veggie and hummus platter provided by Heidi!  Thank you, ma'am.  While we munched on these goodies we washed everything down with a Margarita Mocktail, yumm-o!!
These puppies were seriously delicious, sweet and tart!  The salt really puts things over the top for me. 

After we had our fill of appetizers, we topped off our glasses and hit the table!  
Mak says she is not a cook, by oh my!  This dinner was a party in my mouth! And, it was all healthy! I was going to pop with all the food I consumed, but you know what they say, there is ALWAYS room for dessert.  I made a low fat chocolate pudding for dessert, a recipe from Real Simple.
I made a little home made whipped cream, added a few chocolate chips and voila the Ultimate Chocolate pudding and it really was the ultimate, and it was the ultimate!

The best party about supper club is not all the eating that we do, even though the eating is pretty awesome, it is the conversation,the confiding and the laughter.  Being at Mak's house reminds me of being in college.  Something about her modern looking house screams, "let's stay up all night!" It has a very fun and free vibe to it! Very similar to Mak's personality! 

Oh, did I mention that the three of is are all bloggers?  I am pretty positive we spend more time taking pictures of the food than eating the food!

Next month, my house! Can't wait!
working out our blog poses!


  1. I want to make the shrimp dish!!! The dessert dish too. Where do I find the recipes? Yum-o

  2. Found your sources.... I'm off to the store!!! Can't wait to try them.

  3. How fun! I love the idea of a supper club, way cool. :)

  4. I think I may just have to steal this supper club idea! All the food looks delicious!


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