18 November, 2011

Supper Club

In September my Co-Worker, and good friend, Heidi came up with an idea of starting a "Supper Club".  Once a month Heidi, our other Co-Worker, Makaila, and myself will get together and take turns hosting dinner at our homes.  I loved this idea because it gives us girls a chance to spend time together outside of the office, show off our pads and share healthy recipes.
                                         Heidi                                               Makaila

This month was my month to host Supper Club!  I scoured all my fall issues of Cooking Light until I found the perfect Autumn meal!  This November issue had the winning recipe!  Find the details here!
Quinoa-Stuffed Squash, aren't they cute?! I was so thrilled with the way they turned out.
The coolest thing about this recipe is they are high in protein and each serving has less than 400 calories, booya!

Makaila brought a yummy green salad with grapes, pecans and a raspberry vinaigrette(mmmm) and Heidi was in charge of the dessert.  She must have had fall on the mind also, she MADE a tasty Pumpkin Cheese Cake and if you know Heidi, the fact that she MADE it is amazing in its self.  She needs to make things more often! Soooooo good!
The three of us ate, laughed and talked work until Kev came home and broke up the girl chatter.  I think over all it was a success!

I have to give credit to my kitchen help for assisting me in getting everything put together for Heidi and Makaila's arrival.  Kev-o calls me "the tornado" when people come over, he says I am all over the place. So, to help calm the storm, I put him to work moments after he came in the door from work. (Don't worry he has undies on!) =P  He was a HUGE help!

Can't wait until next month! It is Heidi's turn to cook up the meal!!

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