16 November, 2011


Pleated Poppy was one of the first blogs I became hooked on, now my "favorites" list could easily be a full time job to read each day. Pleated Poppy's WIWW is something I look forward to each each.  I first became addicted because I have absolutely NO fashion sense what so ever, so being able to steal cute ideas from others has helped me trick people into thinking I know what I am doing each morning!  I thought I would give WIWW a try and showcase some of the outfits ideas I have stolen and shockingly some of the outfits I thought up all on my own, I know, aren't you proud?

Sweater- H&M
Grey Under Tank- Target
Skirt- Nordstrom Rack
Tights and Socks- Target
Boots- Nordstrom

I would like to say thank you to me photographer, Kev, for putting up with all my, "I look weird", "I don't like the way I am sitting", "Why am I standing like that?"  "is that how I really look?"  To say the least I was a little uncomfortable taking a picture all by my lonesome! But, if it gets me in cutier outfits each day, so be it! Thanks babe!

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