13 November, 2011

Random Day

I am still in Asheville, NC. Yesterday may have been the most random day of events I have ever experienced. We started our day with a walk to downtown Asheville from our hotel. 1.3 miles and through a creepy tunnel, this may not have been wise. We saw a hairy-legged male nun riding an extremely tall bike, dancing gypsies, and tons of talented street performers. We then headed to the famous Biltmore where we stood in line for a long while only to find out that we couldn't get a tour until 5pm (which we couldn't make) and the tickets were $69 (holy cow- that's almost a Disneyland ticket). So, we left the Biltmore defeated, stopped at Starbucks and headed back to downtown Asheville to continue our people watching. We had a late bite at Crackerbarrel and headed to Grove Park Inn for a company dinner (coolest place ever, check it out) and ended our night at the Southern National Rodeo. Random day, agreed?

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