27 November, 2011

"Just Like Two 5 Year Olds" - Kathy. E

Kev and I are currently in Tahoe spending time with his parents.  Kev's sister, Karen, and brother in-law, Rob, are also here with our adorable niece, Lucy.  It is funny how life changes for everyone when a baby is brought into a family.  This weekend has been filled with cheering when Lucy lifts her head, tip toeing when she finally falls asleep, cooing at the noises and faces she makes, and maintaining a constant bounce while holding her. How nice it is to be a baby, especially when you have two adoring parents like Rob and Karen. As a baby you always have someone to love on you, a large cheer-leading team awaits you with every bowel movement or sound, and your only worry is when your next feeding will be.

When we grow and are several years out of the womb life doesn't seem so easy and carefree. For some reason when we enter into the world of adulthood we inherit worry and stress. However every time Kev and I are in Tahoe with his family, we laugh, play and crack ourselves up more than usual. We play a lot when we're back at home, but when we're with our parents, things are on a whole new level. Kev and I revert into two small children again.  We climb on scaffolding when told not to, find ourselves playing in the crawlspace of the house, race down the hallways, and tattle on each other to his mom, Kathy. We are blessed with Kev's two awesome parents who love on us, feed us, play with us, cheer for our accomplishments and make us feel as though everything is taken care of and life is without a stress or worry.  Being so well taken care of reverts Kev and I to act just like two little kids.  Thanks Bob and Kathy!
(Kev and I watching the Office on a 2-hour car ride- not a care in the world)

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