20 November, 2011


I have gained many great things by marrying Kevin.  I have obtained a new and awesome family, a buddy to hang out with everyday, a strong spiritual leader...I could go on all day.  But, one of the best things I have gained is Pippa.

Pippa is the wife of Kevin's college roommate, Robbie.  And mine and Kevin's first date was the day after Robbie and Pippa's wedding, which was held here in Portland, are you tracking with me?  Kevin and Robbie are close friends, Robbie marries Pippa, Kev is asked to be in their wedding, Kev flies to Portland for their wedding, Kev asks me on a date, Kev and I get married and naturally I become friends with Kevin's friend's wife.  Did that all make sense?
(Robbie and Pip's wedding- do you see Kev, third groomsmen in)

From mine and Pippa's first meeting we had instant friend crushes on each other.  Pippa, being from New Zealand, is cool with out even trying.  On top of her cool accent she is beautiful, kind, funny, has great fashion sense and is one of the most caring people I have ever met.  She continually amazes me how she remembers EVERYTHING I say and she always has an encouraging word for me. She has every quality in a friend that I hope I can be one day.

I gained a husband, who helped me gain a friend, and I gained an example of a good friend, which has made me be a better wife, which has made me a better friend, am I making sense?
Thanks Pip!

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